Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Mickey

New generation

Epic Mickey appears to be the most boring game in the world because it only seems that he is painting but it becomes more than that when you really get into the game you figure out that when you finish th game you become a epic hero.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jennifer.G. #13 2010



Over 70 percent of earths surface is covered of water and the pacific is only have of it.Plankton levels have dropped over 20 percent and unravel the food web because almost all organisms rely on plankton.And now the plankton are back so global warming was not the cause of their loss but the water temperature.The ocean shifts every 3 years.Other animals like crabs that live in ti pools were tested and figured out that 2 degrees warmer than what they experience in the ti pools and its heart stop beating.The earths climate effects everyone it is like one big link.Like people suffering with as ma and accumulating over the years sea fans are also being wiped out with other strange deceases and research supposedly sais that all those deceases are being caused because of dust that are being spread all over the world affecting the sea fans to.The Indian ocean is one of the reasons dust gets in the air it starts by the wave that the Indian ocean gives out and that causes were the dust goes and ends up in the Caribbean.


Predators everything ties up to them the disappearing of trees or even the oceans bleached coral reefs.In Venezuela is one of the places in which most animals are flooded by the water that the Venezuela dam is holding and most animals get lucky and get discovered and taken to a safer place to live.Lake Guri in Venezuela before the dam it was beautiful there lived the powerful predators and it was all green and now Guri is strangely broken silent and desolated.In Lake Guri animals like iguanas,howler monkeys and ants compete for food ans shelter because it is such a small place.Most animals are moving from North America to our world and spreading deceases like lime and rabies because we are taking to much of their territory and now we are taking the effect.In Yellowstone National park Canadian wolfs were replaced because the real wolfs were hunted and kill because they were called has a killing machine.Those real wolfs were extinct and was discovered that they were the reason the normal trees flourished.Now Yellow National Park has the food that the creatures needed to survive and it is affecting the plants there in a positive way.In Jamaica in the last 40 50 they have lost 90 percent of the big predatory fish.Fish is the most important life in the ocean with out them the coral reefs will be soon be covered of algae and will die.In St.Luisa he coral reefs are in much better shape but are paying the consequences because it is hard to find big fish.Now there has been a reserved part of the water and it has payed of there has been really satisfactory results.Years ago people asked can we live with them and now we ask can we live without them.


Ocean troubles there is at least 20 species that are in trouble of getting extinct like the Leopard frog.Atropine is one thing that scientist think hat is causing deformities on frogs and other creatures.And people were right frogs from clear ponds come healthy but frogs near the corn plantations have deformities.People do not believe that this chemical is harming animals but it is and this water is the water that we drink.In St.Lawrence Marine Park Belugas live.The whales are known as the canariuos of the sea because of thier songs.Dozens of belugas are so much infected of man made chemicals that they are consider has waste.Mercury is a parasite that has taken over waters everiwere and contaminating fish and their waters and people are trying to prevent of that to acees the water that we drink and plants are the answere.There are so many plants that eat up tixis like the clover it can survive in motor oil.In the past decade scientist have figured out that sharkswhales and dolphins have been infected with chemicals.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jennifer.G #13 2010

I really did not no how our actions are affecting our earth in a negative way like a frog being male and female at the same time.
Starting the 28 century to the 21 first a new invasion has taking over and destroying everything in its pass
with the increase of global transportation more diseases spread out and catastrophic events might occur
insects like termites are one of the causes of destruction even though they are small in a group they are one big disaster
these creatures find new ways of rebounding and a lot of new places to destroy
new Orland's is one of the greates infected place by termites and they are everywhere


Uganda(lake Victoria) sufferers of mainly neon crocodile attacks but diseases like malaria.
It is a extremely impact and cause when you introduce another kind of life to another that has already been there because you don't know how that new life will react to the adaptation with the new life.for example in Hawaii there are so many things that are not from Hawaii but some were else and one of those things is the maconia plant that the hospitals use as a decoration but got spread out and now it is a great negative impact in Hawaii.This plant has taken over everything it covers the sun to the real Hawaiian plants and strangle others for it to have more space.


99 percent of the creatures of San Francisco bay are mostly from some place else.some predicted that about 2/3 of the creatures around the world may become extinct.Before humans creatures would take years to move to another place and adapted there but when we came along now all animals have more atvantage to move to tother places.


In 2001 scientist discovered that in the last century the earths temperature increased 1 degree.The decrees is not only affecting animals but also creatures that use to be millions of caribou migrating but now only a few thousands live.Mosquito's is one of the reason the Caribou are leaving they can suck up more than 1 table spoon a day.For caribou when more precipitation happens the only food that they eat gets deeper and the snow makes them venerable for predators like wolfs.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jennifer.G #12

The age of stupid is a movie with a strong message, and I don't think that any other movie is as informative as this one.Well this movie is all about how not only our world but we all humans will end up in the future. People supposedly care about how our actions is affecting earth in the way which most people recognize it as global warming. As I was saying people act like if they cared about being green and being part of a change or actually being the change.For example in England people want to get rid of windmills supposedly because the windmills are taking the view and it is just a waist of money but in my opinion if I were to live near a windmill farm I would be really happy because it is not only a great view for me but also I now that it is re using energy.Also did you now that people in America is the main comerism coorporations influence people with other people having fun with things that they do not need so they get double of what they have to make of money If all around the world people would use the same amount of resource as the American residents we would need 4 more earths well we only have 1.one flight to another place takes as much carbon that that same amount is the amount that happen in a home made greenn stylehouse in 3 years. I really think that if we don't take responsibility I think as the earth is slowly being destroyed we also take suicide.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jennifer.G #11

Hi my name is Jennifer I am a student here at EACPA and this week our class was able to chose what topic we are most interesting for us to be researching about , and I chose (Insects). I choosed this topic because for me its very interesting how these creatures came to be, even though I am not a big fan of them but I am really interested on how these creatures were fomed. In my research I found some interesting websites that I know that will help my research and the reason I say that is because all this websites help and give me a lot of information about my question which are(How did insects form?) and I found wikipedia websites,news and aditional pages that might help with my research and here they are.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jennifer.G #10

Source 1

National hurricane center
http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ 1870-2010
Found:October 11,2010

Source 2

How stuff works
http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/natural-disasters/hurricane.htm 1998-2010
Found:October 12,2010

Source 3

Interacting with atlantic hurricanes
http://ww2010.atmos.uiuc.edu/(Gh)/guides/mtr/hurr/home.rxml 1950-2010
Found:October 13,2010

Source 4

Weather Wiz Kids
http://www.weatherwizkids.com/ 2010
Found:October 12,2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jennifer.G #9

properly cited Internet resources

The Baiji dolphin

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jennifer.G #8

When our technology class saw this video about coral reefs we were really surprised especially me.This video has showed me that the ocean and the life that is sustaining in there is very important,for example the coral reefs is the main life source that keeps the rest of the animals alive,including us ,yes even us.The coral reefs gives us medicine that we need to take away the pain and the minerals of the coral gives us the main ingredient to repairing bones in surgery and creating cast more than 3,0000 people rely on reef and that is just in one part of the world.Coral reefs are so important that they are as necessary as the air we breathe.Coral reefs stretch over 6,0000 ft. and have been on earth trying to be protected for over 2 decades ,Coral reefs are the only life that makes the ocean colorful and beautiful but not even the protected coral reefs like the one in Figi has not been any success this coral reef has gotten 2 degree warmer and are dying because of effects like global warming and storms that are caused because of global warming.If we do not stop this madness of polluting the oceans in less than 30 years all of the coral reefs will be destroyed and will die of starvation,because when we fish we don't realize that we are taking away a food source for the coral reefs they depend on fish because of their minerals and algae because of their sugar that they produce.And like I said these magnificent creatures are useful to us to because they stand up with storms and help us not to have a bad impact which is really cool.These coral reefs need of our help so lets make a difference a new fun colorful happy and clean life for us and the corals reefs.
One of the ideas I have thought of is not using so much energy and also stop throwing cups or things like that in the floor for that reason is why we have trash bags because what ever stays on the floor washes away into the ocean so lets try to help and make a cleaner future for all.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jennifer.G #7

Planet earth the future saving species

This video has really showed me what is happening in our world at this very moment.5 years ago these people video this film and it was already at breaking point and it is not taking a bad consequence on us but in the first creatures you where in this world which are our animals .The effect were the live has gone so far that some beautiful creatures have seriously gone extinct like the (Golden frog) this frog was a idol to the (Montanas Verde's) but because of a harmful fungi that humans accidentally let free in their habitat the water got polluted with the fungi and it did not take long for the frog to disappear.As well as the Emu leopard there are only 30 in the whole world and they are soon going to be an unknown species if we do not think about how our actions will effect not only us but the creatures that live in it to we have to learn how to take care of this world and if we were going to live more than 20 at this rate we will probably will not make it to 5.For example polar bears had to use all their force to break ice to find food and now polar bears are drowning of how much they swim to find ice to rest on and they are even starving .One of the video man saw this polar bear acting really weird to them and it turns out that the polar bear was attacking walrus as food which had never happened.Like I said we only have this only chance to make a brighter future and I think that with more people joining this world will have more than half of the green lands,forest and animals that were poached.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jennifer.G #6

These are some topics that I chose as an idea for my game design

*Water pollution
I like this website because it shows the importance about water why we needed and how we can save it.I think that this water crises is very important because for example we can live without food for a long time but without water we would not survive 2 whole days so lets have a better future for us to have clean water.
*Animal extinction

I like this website because it shows what animals are close very close to extinction and there are animals who just were discovered and at this very moment the are close to death,like the Lake Titicaca giant frog and even the Philippine eagle.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jennifer.G #5

These are some game topic websites that I found on
I will begin researching different topics found on this directory to help me come up with more game ideas that I would like to focus on.
I like this website because I really like animals and it is really important that people understand the importance of these creatures for example did you now that almost a quarter of the worlds mammals face a high risk of extinction within 30 years.
I really like this website because it provides games that the purpose is teaching you how to ,for example use the lights wisely or if your school is green and it tells you how you can help.
I like this website because it gives you information about the oil spill and should give us a lesson to change.
I like this website because it shows you what pollutes our land how and why.
I like this website because it tells you what causes global warming and much more.
I like this website because it gives kids with disabilities another chance.
I like this website because its people giving other people another opportunity to live happy.
I like this website because it shows how you can help the planet.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jennifer.G #4

The game genre that I really,liked has to be adventure. Everithing in my life is all about adventure,and not only I really like adventure but I can use what I like on a game that I could creat.For example adventureis really fun to play with and almost all of the games that are really popular these days are adventure,like Mario bros and much other games.If I were able to creat a game I would probably make the genre adventure. Some of the buttons and desighn I am really familiar with,so I now that it will probably be easy. Adventure would be my topic I think its fun,energetic and even educational.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jennifer G 3 2010

The way that this documentary was produced was truthfully a experience that I have never seen before.This documentary has really encouraged me to believe that anything is possible if you work hard and believe that you can do it.Now that I have seen this documentary I have learned that there are more places around the world that are that polluted that you cant see not even one dot of blue in the sky pure gray and besides that I have learned new ways that I can help and reduce, Global warming.

The way I feel about global warming truthfully for me is a warning that soon the only beautiful world that we live in is soon going to be pure chaos more storms will create and possibly as strong as Katrina.

The way I feel about this information that I learned is that anything is possible as long as you dream and are positive that you can make a difference.

For me there are millions and billions of ways that we as residents of planet earth can do to get everything in life back in place. I know that it will take some time but it is possible.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jennifer.G #2

This week our tenchnology class was able to play some science, fun but educational games and today we got to pick wich ones we liked the most and link it into our blogger for everyone to not only read our blogger but also go to a minimum of four games that we liked the most , but I chose five so here are.
*Energy Hog
Jeffersons Lab

*Flex your power
All of these games are asome and some of theme not only each you science but also teach mathand alot of other cool skills that you have never heard or play about. I really had alot of fun time playing these games and I hope that you like them to.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jennifer.G #1

Property of NASA

The reason that I chose this picture is because I really am amazed of how wonderful and powerful these winds of doom are, And what I am talking about are {Tornado's or Hurricanes} I really am fascinated with these natural creatures, And I do realize that not all the time the Tornados or Hurricanes happen by themsefs I do now that some of the Hurricanes or Tornados happen because of our fault.But even doe I lopve watching their power flow I would never imagine me being a part or close to one.These powerful winds are amazing and iI m curious of only one thing and that is , How does it might be inside of the Tornado or Hurricane eye? and How much pressureis actually in the eye?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today out of all the science games that I have played I had to pick the one which I the student thought was the one who was cool and really maid you understand what the content was. And the game that I picked out of the 5 game sthat I picked was (The Climate Challenge: Our Choices ).This game was the one that I thought was the best of all the science game that I played not only did this game was cool but it also teaches you how much of this co2 our world can hold wich amazing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The things that I have accomplished and am proud of in this class are a lot of things.But the most important that I really want to talk about is game design.Well game design has helped me with all my technology things that I have problems with.For example I use to have problems to upload things onto my wiki but now I am even uploading not just normal flash files but graphics.And I am really happy and proud of my self.Now that I know almost everything about global oria my teacher said that I can use the skills that she taught me this school year and she said that I can use them whenever I want to have fun or just show how much things I have learned.I am really proud of my self and wish I keep up with my good work.I now that all my hard work will pay of and I am shure about that because technology is everywhere and it would be cool to know more technology than the other people around me.For me learning technology is a really cool experience and I think a privilege so I want to make good use of it and I want to keep learning as much ass my little brain can learn.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Hi my name is Jennifer Gonzalez and I am a student that is attending a school called East Austin College Prep Academy EACPA for short and for the last 2 years that I have been attending this school I have figured out that our school is the only school in the whole State that has this program that is called GLOBALORIA. Well this program is all about creating new awesome things in the computer to be more specific a program called FLASH. This is another program that is a way of creating allot of new things. For example over the year we have created allot of things in flash, things that move up,down,right or left even things that don't move but still look cool sometimes even buttons that you push and take you top another place in your game .With these programs we can create allot of amazing things.We use layers,buttons,create shapes and convert them into symbols and we can do much more. Sometimes it is very hard to understand what our teacher means but we help each other to figure out .And as you can see at the top I gave a example of how you mostly use flash for me it is pretty easy and fun once you get it and you feel very good once you finish and see that it came out right.Also once you finish you go to your WIKI and upload it and see the most amazing and awesome thing that you made .

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flash is a programming method that produces streaming animation on websites. It is often used to create interactive and visually appealing sweepstakes. Flash sweepstakes usually look more glitzy, but do not work well with form-filler programs.
SWF is a partially open file format for multimedia and especially vector graphics developed by Adobe formerly Macromedia. Intended to be small enough for publication on the web, SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. SWF is also sometimes used for creating animated display graphics and menus for DVD movies, and television commercials.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working with flash

When I started to program flash I got frustrated because some of the things that we were learning I did not understand the video or my teacher was going to fast and I got frustrated because I want to get the projects that I do right not wrong. And one of the things was the codes and were we needed to go paste it on our wiki .

When I started to work with flash the hardest thing was to keep up. I now that My teacher needs to go fast because of the time and because some students have already ahead of everybody else and they need the other instructions to keep going.But I would really appreciate if our teacher could go just a little more slower and that way she would not have eny problems with who is ahead and who is still not finished with the first step.

When it comes to coding I think it is important because that way when you want to upload something the code will be there when you need it and not have to go were you had problems going to . I also think that it is good to have your codes because when you want or need to paste something when you put the codes in there your work would be perfect for you.

Now that I am going to have more experience with all the uploads and all that stuff about flash I think that I will become a flash expert will more practice when it comes to listening and keeping up.

When there is distraction in the class I do get distracted because my teacher has to be telling them to sit down and everyone starts screaming and running everywhere and that distracts me a lot sometimes.I would like for my teacher for punishment for getting 3 warnings and still doing the same thing they should get detention like always.

I think that when we watch a tutorial video it helps me a little because we have to pause it to understand what the speaker is saying and I have problems listening to my teacher sometimes so it is even harder to listen to a tutorial. For me I think it is easier to let my teacher teach the lesson instead of listening it of the tutorial.

In the future I now that this will help me and I will always create new things with flash so I wont forget how wonderful and not hard flash is. I am also planning to make a tutorial video for kids that were my age now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shannon sulllivan

Yesterday we go a visit from Ms. Shannon Sullivan. She is one of the people that work on the global oria team. She came to show us new skills to do on our wiki page and I had allot of fun .One of the things that she showed us was to upload our flash drawings to our wiki. There were allot of steps that you had to do before you could upload them but it was easier than I thought .
I thought that It would have to take about 2 days to finish because some people would not understand.She was going to teach us how to make a link but we ran out of time but we did learn it just with Ms.miller. It was a asome experience to work with the people who provided besides the school the global oria program.She was very patient with us and was very nice. I liked how she was explaining and enjoyed her visit and hope she comes back some other day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Drawing in flash

The first time that I started to use flash and draw in it I felt really good because I new that I was going to achieve something new . I started to use skills that I have never used before for example I started to use flash to make circles,stars,polygons and more other things that I have never heard of or even seen until this day which is six grade.Since I have started on this drawing in flash assignment I have had alot of fun doing this because you get to do sometimes your own things like we had to draw our own little house .We could decorated hpw ever we wnt it was the funnest time that I HAD IN TECHNOLOGY. I have had more times in wich we had to use flash in our game that we are doing about our drug topic.Our drug topic air cuality or pollution in our air.We have been getting and brain storming ideas to get our own thing and finish it all ready.we already finished our flash drawings and upload them to our wiki. I am very happy that I achieved this and hope to be drawing in flash agien.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23 2010 Snow

Today February 23 2010 Austin had a enormous snow wonderland it was the best day ever I have never or have seen snow this big and white it was the best day ever we were all throwing snowballs everywhere it was falling fast and was hitting hard I have never seen this much snow since I was in Oklahoma where the snow is powerful there . But to see snow in Texas this is the best time I have ever had. Snow is the best thing about the cold weather and it did not rain in Xmas even that I really wanted it to snow and now my dream has come true snow on February. I will always remember this day the snowy day this beautiful day.Snow in East Austin College Prep on a school this place is lucky because now other place where I have been in school or at home or anywhere it has never snowed this much it is a miracle and I would love to repeat this day again.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last weeks progess

I have always been impressed of how much work my team has done or the people that Ms miller put me in . I have had alot of cool things with my team and they are really good friends .My team mates are (Miguel,Macy,Delaney,Daniel and Brianna)and me I have had alot of fun and I am hoping that I really get done alot of work and get really good friendship with them. I really have a cool experience with them and they are mostly doing the work now because remember I said that last time when I did the paper prototype I did it all on my own and now all the team members were helping on this and this time we got a better grade on it than the last time it was much easier to make things when you all work together. And I am really enjoying the team helping with the work it is a lot of work we do but we finish it all because we always work together.
We are unstable.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My team

The roll that I got when I got my team together I was really happy with it cause I new that these 2 things that were my jobs were really fun I had to find information in the computer and the speaker.I really liked these 2 things because I am really good at these kinds of jobs one reason because I like to type and I like to find information especially in the computer.The only things that I didn't like about the team is that I did not get much help from the team only one of the team members actually helped me she helped me by creating one of the papers in the paper prototype.I cant really say that they were helping me because some of them were writing but slow because they were to busy playing around. I had a greate time with them and I am lucky they are in my team and yes we did change and help a lot now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


In my opinion I think that it was a asome experience I had a lot of fun.I could make this with my group mates and they helped me a lot they helped me on the presentation and no errors on the prototype my group mates were Miguel ,Macey ,Brianna ,Daniel and Delaney they are the ones who gave me some ideas to make our paper prototype.I also liked doing this because you can make a example of what the game is going to be when you actually create the game just like a report you do a draft before you do the most important thing.

When I meat the people that I was working with I though that they would not help me with enithing and when mis. miller said for the whole school year was scared but I started knowing them more and more each day until we became friends and really started working on the work that we had to do nothing could stop us ever our name group is the computer jerks wich is mean but cool well thats what we though.And last I am really looking foward to be working with them they are fun and responsibel to be with .

*Objective =measurement

*Team name =computer jerks

*Social issue =air pollution

*Game title =pollution attack



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


*What are your thoughts about globaloria?
My thoughts for globaloria are very good because this program helps others to learn more things about computers its a great and fun way to learn how to work computers for me since I have started this program I have gotten better at things like typing creating hyper links and much more this program is asome and I learn a lot of new things everyday.
*Do you enjoy this class?
I do like this class because it is fun and you get to learn new things at the same time for example we have started to to make a game which is very fun because you get to add all your great ideas to the game and you make it all on your own and also look at the other students that have this program to and see how this can help us be experts on computer things .
*What have you learned about globaloria?
I have learned a lot of new and improved work for example that this middle school is the only middle school that has global oria so this is really a priviledge for us to be doing this program and lastits fun it helps you get smarter ans helpfulto others.
*Do you like to blog?
I love to blog for me its a fun way to express your fealings and your mind there is no bad fealing about doing this because you can feel free when you type in your blog with no one telling you what to do.
*What are you currently working on global oria?
We have been working on a game creating a game to be exact and it is really fun because you can put all your greate ideas on this game and have fun making it it is really fun and I really enjoy it.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I think that when we had the people from New york come here to do the presentation I learned alot of new things. I learned how to move my characters both sides and up and down . I also learned how to make new layers for the game and much more.But this experience was asome I got to work with the company of globaloria it was asome I had never had worked with these kinds of people and to travel almost the whole world to get to our school it is Very amazing how they care for us and I was really thankful.

*Was it hard to make your mini game?
I was really not that hard except they where going to fast wich was hard because I could not keep up but besides that it was fun.
*What was the best part of this topic?
I think that the best part of my topic is influencing others to keep triying to take care of our world even if you dont have good influencings around you.
*The worst part?
The worst part has to be me keeping up with the work.
*Do you play games in your free time?
I do I play club penguine and moshi monsters.
*Which ones do you play and why are they your favorite?
I play club penguine and I play that because you get to meet new friends also moshi monsters its very fun you feed your pen and get miny pets and dress them up also play with them and thats why I like yhese games.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I think that flash is fun and a great way to now how people in games like (Mario Bros.) and more games are created .But in my opinion flash is fun because you discover more things that you can do in the computer press buttons and make things do cool things that you didn't even know that you can do. Also I think that flash is fun because you are having fun and making a new game that you like is fun and has something that can help you just do for fun like math people that are good at it do it for fun and people that need help with it look for games or make a game. But back to the concept of flash. I think that flash is a privileged for us to do because I don't think that most people in the u.s.a have this kind of thing to do I don't even think that eny middle schools have (FLASH). So I like flash and really want to keep ma king games in it I want my game to be successful.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My goals

For my goals I really want to be successful .I want tot now what to do wen I have a test and pass it .But if I want to do that I need to finish all my work that teachers give me like homework or classwork.
My first goal is to be a architect because I like to build things like swans out of wood or even Barby houses. But mostly I want one of my goals because when I create something new I feel very relaxed because I now that nobody can tell me what to do I can do what ever I want aslong its not a electric nife but besides that I can fell free and express myself.
My second goal has to be a (ASPCA) police .And the reason I chose this as my second goal because I loe to be with animals all kind of animals for example dogs,horses,even reptiles I love all kind of animals .And what this (ASPCA)is a program that people do to save all animals that are being tortured or that are in the street.
I think that goals are inportant because that way you would have some thing to do that you like for the rest of your life .I will continue to study all the time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game topic

I am creating a game called "POLLUTION ATTACK" and this game is supper fun and I'm going to tell you why. OK this game has math "measurement" to be exact well this game is more math than game and its cool , fun and educational . Also I'm almost going to finish this game and I now that this game is going to be the best game ever not the fact that the game has math but it is also fun . And this is what you have to do.Well on this game you have to measure how many stacks of pollution the air is bringing in. I personally also think that this game is going to influence the player to take care of our only planet. But like I was saying the game is all about taking care of the earth , having fun and learning something while you play.This game I hope will influence people that play it to take care of the planet so we don't end up like this guy.