Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas for me is a very fun and cool tradition.Who ever invented Christmas I thank.OK lets get started Christmas is very special month that most people celebrate .This day is also the day that Jesus was born which is special to some people.But the real reason I like or even love Christmas. Is because this holiday is the day in which all the family members travel all over the world just to have I nice feast with the whole family.Also they give gifts I think just for fun.Also people donate gifts to people that cannot afford to celebrate Christmas.O these people even celebrities donate gifts ,food,and money for these people to have a great Christmas and be happy this holiday and that is what I think about Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The torros

I thought that the TOROS game was spectacular . And the reason that I think it was cool is because I had never seen eny game in my hole life it was a asome experience the cheerleaders were cheering there pompon's off they were spectacular they had one cheer for each hoop that one of the TOROS scores and the crowd which was us went wild .I realy liked the game it was supper cool and I would like to go to another game like that again. Also this game lost so I was very disappointed. They were not to bad and not to good but it was enough to make me happy.