Monday, October 29, 2012


Honestly I don't know anybody that lives in the North East.In my opinion I should of thought of making a hidden object game with this topic because for example I could use this topic in the game I could make the players find things in their house all around and they would find things like water jugs,flashlights,gas and all of the other essentials that you would need to survive one these storms from category 1 all the way to 5 so in total I would have 5 levels and each one would depend on the level that the hurricane will be.10 things that I would find would be things like flashlight,can food,blankets,water jugs,dog food,portable gasoline,batteries,extra clothes,cleansing utensils,and of course yourself and your family it would be something I would have to experience but hopefully I don't.Overall I would make my player learn how to act and what to pack in a deadly situation like a type 5 hurricane storm.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Choosing a Learning Topic 1-5

My big subject area is "The safety of driving", for example teen driving and the iresponsibility of how they are driving.One really important thing that I learned about this topic is how dangerouse it can be to drive with no responsibility.This topic is asighned to not only teens but also adults whom dont think about the possibilities of killing themselves or even worse killing somebody else.It has gotten to the point in which every commercial on TV and radio are about the safety of driving.People should learn how dangerouse it is to drive ignorantely research said that of you get distracted in less than 5 seconds you could not only crash but most lykely kill somebody innocent.Dont go Bye bye would be a good name for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Game vision

I am very excited to do this game eventhough its going to be a challenge with the codes and such but it will be woth it.My vision for this game will include som hidden objects that all of sudden will pop out know where making the player panic or if the driver was a responsible driver then nothing would happen and the player would pass to the next level.If you are a inresponsible driver then you pass to the next level not hurting anbody or yourself.Anyways the whole point of this game, my goal overall will be to make it fun and educational to players from 11 and up.It will include hopefuly everything I have learned through out this time, time will tell but my vision will stay firm on making a amazing game.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Malala Youzafsi

Malala Youzafi is a 14 year old activist in which is fighting for her education  rights to go to school Junuary 24 was the last day that the girsl in pakistan was able to got to school. She has not given up she says that "wherever I am I will fight for my education".Malala lives in Pakistan everyday she is threated to be killed if they see her at school her and other young girls that are happy for theire future but theyre dreames are distroyed by these peoples."Taliban"as they are called are the reasn why so many woman and girls live in fear, Malala moved in with her aunt and aswell got the opportunity now since 2008 she has been writting in a blog that she has created to tell the world what is happening in Pakistan what situation she is in right know and now because of her speeches she was shot sadly now she is in critical condition and people hope for the best there was a bullet beside her spine and neck may the odds be with her.For a month or so sheha dn her dad went to their swat and both said how lonely it was how sad it looked they explained how sad and lonely their wat looked that they have never seen their swat so empty.When Malala went home she wasm ost excited on finding her books to study.Her books and so are really importatn to her it simbolizez how hard and badly she wants to study and be somebody of great importance.Malalas school re opened on July 13th but 200 other schools remained closed.Malala now has given up the dream of becoming a doctor now she wants to be a polititian for her country pakistan she wants to be a voice to all who need in Pakistan.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

vote poster

Hidden object game

In my opinion I think that using this topic for my game would be a good idea because it would tie all of my ideas in one.The topic that I used was finding hidden objects in this topic I would like to make the player have a educational mind workout.In my game I would have the payer drive and in the way he would find the distractions in the bushes then he would have to figure out and be smart when driving so that he wont get distracted and crash with something killing something, somebody or someone else that is innocent Ii believe that its a good topic.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Presidental Debate

In my opinion I didnt think that there was any winners they both had good topics but none to make the other debater look bad and many times Obama looked down because some of the points that Romney said were true and obama did not stricke back well sometimes like I said in my opinion I dont think anybody won.Some of the issues that were brought up Healthcare,Student education,Immigration and Taxes.I understood everything and what confused me was the fact that the fact that the saying kept going to Romney probably because Obama talked to much.In my opinion I dont think that anybody won they both had good points but none to hit back.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Join my community

Danger of a single story
For me to have a single story is for you to have a  important topic that you have been hiding for years waiting for the right moment to let it out and be heard and let everyone hear and have a opinion on your case it can create the new future and not only benefit you but benefit the future residence and generation of kids you should have tolerance of what is correct.There is a single story in my community that has been rumored every day and so far the people I have meet is that Colored people don't belong in our community that they were to laud full of drama looking for nothing but trouble.