Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jennifer.G #12

The age of stupid is a movie with a strong message, and I don't think that any other movie is as informative as this one.Well this movie is all about how not only our world but we all humans will end up in the future. People supposedly care about how our actions is affecting earth in the way which most people recognize it as global warming. As I was saying people act like if they cared about being green and being part of a change or actually being the change.For example in England people want to get rid of windmills supposedly because the windmills are taking the view and it is just a waist of money but in my opinion if I were to live near a windmill farm I would be really happy because it is not only a great view for me but also I now that it is re using energy.Also did you now that people in America is the main comerism coorporations influence people with other people having fun with things that they do not need so they get double of what they have to make of money If all around the world people would use the same amount of resource as the American residents we would need 4 more earths well we only have 1.one flight to another place takes as much carbon that that same amount is the amount that happen in a home made greenn stylehouse in 3 years. I really think that if we don't take responsibility I think as the earth is slowly being destroyed we also take suicide.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jennifer.G #11

Hi my name is Jennifer I am a student here at EACPA and this week our class was able to chose what topic we are most interesting for us to be researching about , and I chose (Insects). I choosed this topic because for me its very interesting how these creatures came to be, even though I am not a big fan of them but I am really interested on how these creatures were fomed. In my research I found some interesting websites that I know that will help my research and the reason I say that is because all this websites help and give me a lot of information about my question which are(How did insects form?) and I found wikipedia websites,news and aditional pages that might help with my research and here they are.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jennifer.G #10

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jennifer.G #9

properly cited Internet resources

The Baiji dolphin

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jennifer.G #8

When our technology class saw this video about coral reefs we were really surprised especially me.This video has showed me that the ocean and the life that is sustaining in there is very important,for example the coral reefs is the main life source that keeps the rest of the animals alive,including us ,yes even us.The coral reefs gives us medicine that we need to take away the pain and the minerals of the coral gives us the main ingredient to repairing bones in surgery and creating cast more than 3,0000 people rely on reef and that is just in one part of the world.Coral reefs are so important that they are as necessary as the air we breathe.Coral reefs stretch over 6,0000 ft. and have been on earth trying to be protected for over 2 decades ,Coral reefs are the only life that makes the ocean colorful and beautiful but not even the protected coral reefs like the one in Figi has not been any success this coral reef has gotten 2 degree warmer and are dying because of effects like global warming and storms that are caused because of global warming.If we do not stop this madness of polluting the oceans in less than 30 years all of the coral reefs will be destroyed and will die of starvation,because when we fish we don't realize that we are taking away a food source for the coral reefs they depend on fish because of their minerals and algae because of their sugar that they produce.And like I said these magnificent creatures are useful to us to because they stand up with storms and help us not to have a bad impact which is really cool.These coral reefs need of our help so lets make a difference a new fun colorful happy and clean life for us and the corals reefs.
One of the ideas I have thought of is not using so much energy and also stop throwing cups or things like that in the floor for that reason is why we have trash bags because what ever stays on the floor washes away into the ocean so lets try to help and make a cleaner future for all.