Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Red ribbon week

For this Red Ribbon Week I just beryl figured out why we have red ribbon week and know that I know I'm inspired because the res a person named Enrique camarena nick name 'kiki' that died for the safety of all the adults or children that are tempted to try drugs.This man fought poverty and all the obstacle's that he had to over come to be someone that can make a difference in our world.Well this man fought drugs putting his life in a lot of danger dealing with drug attic's to the biggest clubs to the smallest ones .At first his mother told him that he wold never make a difference in the world but he said a speech that I will never forget he said''Even if I'm one person I can make a difference'' that was the speech that I will never forget and to go so far at his job its amazing and he had 3 children a wife and was Mexican.after he died he was kidnapped and tortured to death on his way to his family by 5 drug dealers.This man for me is a inspiration and now I believe in myself.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


For me this technology class is very fun and helps me get better at my computer hand writing and makes me feel good to know that I'm getting better at my computer skills. Also I don't have eny trouble on my work that I do in this class, I don't have eny problems on my work of course if I don't pay eny attention then I would need some help. The res is sometimes that I can get frustrated,and its when I don't pay attention and have to ask someone for help. Sometimes I get frustrated because the teacher talks to fast and when I'm doing something the class is in a norther step.But besides that I have a pretty good understanding of what I have to do and what work I need work on . The teacher could help me by slowing down when she is explaining us the instructions and helping me more on focusing on what I have to do andnot to blur out in my own little world,and to end my story Miss .Miller is a wonderful teacher and hope tobe with her till the end of the year.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


From all of the genres I choose my favorite of all 5 where the 2 most interesting for me where ADVENTURE and ACTION I choose those 2 because I love all things that are about action and adventure it remains me of exploration and adventure.I like to explore and these 2 genres are exactly what I'm all about. One of the games that have adventure is the very famous Mario games you can go to this page and find out what Mario games are all about. MARIO.theres flicks game information and some of the names of the games wich are Supper Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi bowsers inside story and much more!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video Game Genres

Game genres are based on what mostly what the game is about ,if there action or mysterious games those are what the genre of a game is. Also video game genres are used to categorized video games based on their game play interaction rather than visual or narrative differences.

1.Action street fighter is a good example of this genre its about street fighting one controlled by the computer.

2. Adventure Mario is a good example. To see his adventures click this mario link.

3. Action adventure shooter is a good example of this genre.

4.Life simulator frets of fire is a music game a great example of this genre.

5.strategy visual novel is a good example of this genre it shows static graphics and anime stile art.

Friday, October 2, 2009

These 6 weeks I learned how to put videos on my blog how to make blogs and more importantly how to work on the Internet and not share eny information that other people would want to have.For example videos without putting your name or b-day to have the video.I also learned how to make gadgets and games that you can put on your blog.Also now that I can writte all the time I can Im starting to writte faster.Theres contex menues and sometimes you have to double click and more.