Monday, September 30, 2013

Choose Your learning Topic

My topic is Healthy Resources.I decided to do this topic because I fell like the world needs to be aware of if they are trying to be healthy were they can go to get the resources that they need.Healthy Resources can help a lot of people what I mean is that when people actually decide to start of healthy and go eat healthy food there are stores in which the biggest population of food is junk food.My goal with this game is that I can teach people geographically and or visually were to go to find the best produce/ population of healthy food.The game will hopefully include geographical features while still being a fun 3D game.

Friday, September 27, 2013

3D Play to Learn

The game Malaria Prevention game basically teached me a few facts about for example what not to do if you don't want to get mosquitos all over your area. For example things like there is a cabin in the middle of the plain and when you go inside as soon as you get near the bed it highlights and tell you, you need to put a net over the beds when you sleep just incase the mosquitos go inside and try to get to you.There is also objects like a bucket that was by the ocean when you get near it highlights as well and says things like 'Leaving a bucket full of water is a perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs and reproduce'.Over all the game was really well, I also was able to play the 2D version of the game and even though the concept was the same,because the game was 2D the game looked really boring so this factor is an amazing improvement that I would do over 2D anytime.The differences were totally noticeable the 3D was totally better.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Course Overview

I am excited about many things this year. For example the fact that I am going to be working with a total new type of programming not only that but the game will be 3D. Also the facts that Ii guess I can be more organized with my work making the work in the future that I create better than I've ever done before.I have always been a person that admires 3D work and now I have the opportunity to create it, Well you can only imagine how excited I am for this year.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where to get help

I think that my mates can help me with my projects by giving me advice about where I can go to find for example new game ingredients that I can put in my projects.Also they could give me advice about my projects they might know something I don't and with their advice my projects would have another idea that maybe other people will like.I feel that I could help my classmates by giving them motivation, for the same reason that globaloria can sometimes be really complicated.I could also help them by checking over their work for any mistakes.Overall we can all help each other in may ways so its nice to have mates.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Create your Blog

My name is Jennifer Gonzalez a 10th grade student here at East Austin College Prep.My goal for this blogger it to tech people or just give them a snipet of what Globaloria is.I want for people to learn how to use this program properly for example teaching them how to use the simple tools in Flash like the Brush tool in which you have to aim to where you wnat color then just puch on the keyboard and the magic is loose.Also I want people to learn how to not get so stressed becauss when they do they give up and dont want to work anymore.So overall motivation and positivity in my main goal because with out that and patience Globaloria will be really confusing.