Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make Paper Prototype

Over all my Paper Prototype is being created in a Rural area.There will be a water fall leading to the lake on the left of my terrain.On the left there will be a somewhat forest and pine trees to be exact and in front the house in which later if you get and crop all of your seeds in time you will be able to eat them there.On the right bottom the garden will be located thats were you have to take all of the seeds in the right amount of time since you are timed.In the last part you have this Super Grow liquid that you can get only when you collect all of the items then you go to your garden and the plants will grow insatantly.After that you can go to your house and you can eat them winning the game.But like I said I still have glitvhes to work on.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Plan Game Scene

I can't really put my finger on how excited I am about my game I feel like its going to be a great success.For the game I plan to have a sort of gathering and growing crops healthy hidden objects game.So what I plan to have is the player crop food kind of a go find things that will help the player with the planting and growing the food in the garden and you will have this type of powder that will make your food grow in a faster way.Also in the seek of the things you need to help you with the garden you will have obstacled this is where the bad objects come for example the Starbucks coffe or chocolate things like that if you touch it I plan to make the players view somehow become blurry and it will be hard to play the game.I still have a few things to think about and I dont know if this is the idea that I will pan to stick with so lets see how that goes, but overall I am excited to work in Unity and for the good.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sculpt Terrain

I think that making anything overall with this program, you need a lot of patience and dedication.It was hard for me at first because I needed to get used to all of the tools what I mean is getting to know what I have to click to get what I want exactly the way that I want it.Making a Terrain in Unity is not difficult itasactually really fun and exciting once you take a look at the end and see what a masterpiece you created.Sculpting it is not that hard what is hard is putting assets into for example like a tree you may add a tree and it will be somewhere like above your actuall base, so eventhough Unity can be confusing at times with patience especially with htis program anything can be created.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Intro to Unity

Making a 3D object is really amazing so far I am seriously enjoying this program its truly amazing and really works with your imagination.What I hope to do on Unity is try to make my game so life like which Ii kmow is not gonna be hard but to make it seem very interesting to the player a attention seeking game which no matter the topic the game will always be interesting.