Friday, May 2, 2014

Video Vlog

My game is mainly about the Mongols.Since the first day we learned about them in class I immediately was intrigued.The fact that they travel all the times considered as Mongols is really fascinating to me, the traveling people never seem to disappoint me.Not only that but The Mongols specifically this tribe in which a very special son was involved named Temudjin or Genghis Khan, well he went across the dessert to choose his beloved future wife.The player will learn a little about the history of Temudjin and what he had to go through to find his wife and avenge his dad.

As for my research I looked through many of the websites that the wonderful internet let me see, and I also used my recent knowledge about the topic that I learned in class which is the main reason why I wanted to do the topic, I guess my teacher made is seem really interesting.His quest to find his kiddnaped wife and even the clan that killed his father infront of his eyes was really interesting.So why not let it be a game.

In reality my ideas stayed the same.My mind was set on one thing and one thing only, research more about the mongols and even more about Temudjin.Then create a game that everyone will enjoy.But there is one glitch I still have to add my facts other than that im done.
All game ingredients that I have added have been helpfull to me from the Parralex scrolling to the Mouse its all been a challenge especially the coding but totally worth it.
Like I said the most challenging part has to be the coding and placing the codes on the right place I ALWAYS seem to manage to put the code on the wrong place so that was frustrating.But overall the outcome was to my expectations.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paper Prototype

Making my paper prototype wasn't hard at all in fact I feel like it was the easiest part of the whole making your game concept.I enjoyed being behind a paper and pencil rather than being behind the keyboard. Making the paper prototype in general took somewhat of my energy and patience away for the same reason that I am not the master when it comes to drawing but I tried my best, and shockingly enough it turned out pretty good.Over all making the paper prototype was both fun and kinda of a mind twister, this it the part in which you can do your finishing touches when it comes to brainstorming on what you want your game to look like, so the whole experience was pretty hectic, but worth it.Physically making your game formation really works with your head.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chooses Learning Topic

     My game quest will be very interesting not only jammed packed with information about The Mongols but also be very challenging so hold on.You will have to be challenged with vicious Mongols with the same wishes as you TO KILL!!!!.What you have to do is avoid all of the obstacles that the enemy tribes throw atr you. For example Kunai knives that can slice you in a matter of seconds, a bow and arrow that can go through you like Hot knife in butter and a lance and that will bleed you to death on instant contact.Also you will have to come face to face with your once family now enemy tribe, they killed your father and kidnapped your wife.Revenge and victory is what you seek, in your journey with these obstacles you have to somehow get through them and collect pieces of the map that will not only slowly help you get to your wife but the tribe that made your life miserable.At the end you will either die in shame or WIN AND AVENGE!!
     For the same reason that my game will be about history I thought long and hard about how I am going to make the format which is side scrolling fit with my topic.For example my game will have Temudjin as the main character and when you scroll, well I will try to incorporate jumping or somewhat.When Temudjin jumps or scrolls you will have to avoid for example anything that the other tribe attacks you, for example knifes, swords or even the other tribe members themselves.In the process you will have to collect all of the map pieces that you need to help you find the path to were the tribe members took Temudjins wife and also the people that killed his father.So overall you will avoid all of the knifes and such and collect the map pieces that you need to find the path to freedom and revenge.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learn to Design for Mobile

Both designs consuls and mobile have their own way and are different both beneficial.For example the mobile game has things like its more portable and you can use censors to move you character around.While on the consul you have more control over the character. Both have their own ways of being original and are unique in their own way.There is also games that you can have for both of the devices like RayMan this came was originally on a consul and was put on mobile, it really should stay on consul fro the same reason that its a fast pace game.Overall both devices can give you great pleasure, you just have to chose which makes you more conformable.

Monday, December 2, 2013

1st Person

I feel like the player has a better understanding of its surroundings, what I mean is that when you are in 3rd person you see everything from birds eye view while in 1st person you can really "Get into the action".Your more into the game and the player gets like a more life like situation in which you feel like as if you are in the game.As 1st person in my opinion you get more out of the game, you learn more this is only in my opinion but I feel like the game becomes more interesting to the player and because of that the player really gets the info in which the game is about.Making a game of this sort is a big accomplishment for me, I literary feel like i'm playing Mine Craft.It may just be me but I really am positive about the idea that Unity can have 1st person.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Build Scene

Building my 3D scene was a really different experience for me, based on my 2D paper prototype the way that it ended up was really amazing I couldn't even believe that I had created that.The terrain that I created looking back at it I thought things like this took years of skills to master.It was a big accomplishment as simple as just creating the terrain like I said it was a big deal for me I am quit pleased and proud of my work.I think that the challenges in making my terrain was getting everything in place, what I mean is when I created my house I make it but had to move it because it was laying just under the terrain.In conclusion Ii think that Unity is an amazing program in which I only have to get use to with working with all of the tools and once I somewhat master that I know my game will be a really satisfactory,fun game.