Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Single Story 2011

" Danger of a single story"
Well in my to have a single story is for you to have a interesting story about something or someone then share it with a certain amount of people and spread the word about that topic.Its like a experience or a opinion that these certain people have to share.From my community I have heard a few things, but the most astonishing and shocking one is when someone said that "I don't think any student will graduate I mean look at where they are The East side"That did get me mad but mostly bummed out other students around this area but we as a school and family are working hard for that to not happen as often, eventually never happen again through this are.Well honestly I have heard only about how poverty has affected them in the way that they stop going to school not because they want to but because they have to.I learned that this in some point was a problem in my community to.The way that I could find out more about this community is probably by searching information about them, its hard to see but unfortunately the news finds their disadvantages fascinating and make news reports about their life and that could be a way that I could find out about them.If I were to create a game that involved problems about those communities and put videos of how their change made a huge difference in their lives and communities.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1 Cyberbully 2011

This is my first blog post of the 2011-2012 school year
A cyberbully is someone who threatens you as well bothers you in a physical or emotional way to either feel better about themselves or sadly enough was bullied when that person was younger and had no were else to turn to but violence.
In the begining of the school our glabaloria class and was able to learn about the importance and seriousness of bulliying aswell cyberbulliying.Overall the movie was mostly about a girl named Taylor her so called friends pushed her into getting in problems that involved impersonating,gossiping,threats and even harassments.Taylors friends told her about a website called clickster and she made a new friend only to find out that her best friend was inpersonating a boy on clickster named james, she teamed up with linzie one of te bullys in the school and spreead rumors aswell made a video that affected Taylor so badly that she tried to commit suicied.The nvestigation was on and somanthat the one who impersonated the boy on clickster her best friend confessed.Taylor went to therapy and she did not go to school for a week and went to school she decided to be friends with somantha but she knew it would never be the same.Aswell she stood up to linzie and at the end went woth scot her true love and schooled linzie.