Monday, January 25, 2010


I think that when we had the people from New york come here to do the presentation I learned alot of new things. I learned how to move my characters both sides and up and down . I also learned how to make new layers for the game and much more.But this experience was asome I got to work with the company of globaloria it was asome I had never had worked with these kinds of people and to travel almost the whole world to get to our school it is Very amazing how they care for us and I was really thankful.

*Was it hard to make your mini game?
I was really not that hard except they where going to fast wich was hard because I could not keep up but besides that it was fun.
*What was the best part of this topic?
I think that the best part of my topic is influencing others to keep triying to take care of our world even if you dont have good influencings around you.
*The worst part?
The worst part has to be me keeping up with the work.
*Do you play games in your free time?
I do I play club penguine and moshi monsters.
*Which ones do you play and why are they your favorite?
I play club penguine and I play that because you get to meet new friends also moshi monsters its very fun you feed your pen and get miny pets and dress them up also play with them and thats why I like yhese games.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I think that flash is fun and a great way to now how people in games like (Mario Bros.) and more games are created .But in my opinion flash is fun because you discover more things that you can do in the computer press buttons and make things do cool things that you didn't even know that you can do. Also I think that flash is fun because you are having fun and making a new game that you like is fun and has something that can help you just do for fun like math people that are good at it do it for fun and people that need help with it look for games or make a game. But back to the concept of flash. I think that flash is a privileged for us to do because I don't think that most people in the u.s.a have this kind of thing to do I don't even think that eny middle schools have (FLASH). So I like flash and really want to keep ma king games in it I want my game to be successful.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My goals

For my goals I really want to be successful .I want tot now what to do wen I have a test and pass it .But if I want to do that I need to finish all my work that teachers give me like homework or classwork.
My first goal is to be a architect because I like to build things like swans out of wood or even Barby houses. But mostly I want one of my goals because when I create something new I feel very relaxed because I now that nobody can tell me what to do I can do what ever I want aslong its not a electric nife but besides that I can fell free and express myself.
My second goal has to be a (ASPCA) police .And the reason I chose this as my second goal because I loe to be with animals all kind of animals for example dogs,horses,even reptiles I love all kind of animals .And what this (ASPCA)is a program that people do to save all animals that are being tortured or that are in the street.
I think that goals are inportant because that way you would have some thing to do that you like for the rest of your life .I will continue to study all the time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game topic

I am creating a game called "POLLUTION ATTACK" and this game is supper fun and I'm going to tell you why. OK this game has math "measurement" to be exact well this game is more math than game and its cool , fun and educational . Also I'm almost going to finish this game and I now that this game is going to be the best game ever not the fact that the game has math but it is also fun . And this is what you have to do.Well on this game you have to measure how many stacks of pollution the air is bringing in. I personally also think that this game is going to influence the player to take care of our only planet. But like I was saying the game is all about taking care of the earth , having fun and learning something while you play.This game I hope will influence people that play it to take care of the planet so we don't end up like this guy.