Monday, March 28, 2011

Jennifer.g.#11 2011

What Do You Think of the Nintendo 3DS? (Nintendo 3DS Launch)

Jennifer.g #10 2011

In my opinion this device is the most advanced technology although I am not surprised that these people would create a replica yet more advanced and expensive, the new(Nintendo3DS)I thought that people would get more money by lowering the prises, who would by a device like this for $249.99.When you actually think about how they are creating these devices its really quite suspicious because notice that every time another company like (Microsoft) makes a new creation they make one to its recently that (Microsoft) created the new (Ipad 2) and now the new DS I really would like one but still waiting because soon this will turn old and kids all over the world are going to want something new.This on is 3d and even has a memory card and who knows maybe in the future Nintendo will make voice activated DS and name it the best technology in history the world will not know until then.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jennifer.g.#9 2011

I believe that at the end of this year I will have created the most fun yet educational game in 7th grade history and when I do I will probably like to go on The Opra winffrey show.I f that were to happen I would be not only be recaonized but asweel represent my school because they were the ones who helped me and preassured me to never give up and always, no matter what achieve and work hard.I now that I am going to make a amazing game by the end of this school year because I have no exuse I have every tool to make a beautiful future and achive my goal an that's just what I will do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jennifer.g.#9 2011

In my opinion what these students are doing to help our community is wonderful, that's how we should all treat one echeoder and never turn our back on the ones who need help no matter what their past has effected you. Japan has suffered a very severe trallity and many thousands probably millions of people died including children. I know that in the future we will have people like this that will help and will not give up on what their goal is.Knowing that you have a helping hand near or far and that there is hope for these people its probably the best feeling in the world. Photographers have taken pictures of how much damage the tsunami has caused and by the looks of the remains I don't think we will get any good reports for now but still need hope.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jenifer.G. 2011 #8

I really like this new PSP NGP but I wasn't surprised that these technology would get even more advanced.Eventhouht I really think and would like to have this game console I know that at least the cost is 1,000 but in a few years the price will dramatically will go down and a new generation of technology will be created.In the future I really think that this company will create a Green PSP that will not only be save and recycled but probably the most advanced creation ever build.