Monday, May 21, 2012

Game article

I think that the article was very informative it gave specific details about the people that one it gave them special recognition exactly what they deserve. It does make me feel regretful because I didn't win anything but also proud about what our students here can do.My game wasn't featured but if was to be there it would be very amazing yes im regretful that I didn't do better.I would of liked the author to have said that my game was amazing and that this school is proud of having students like us. Aleida sanchez game was a really awesome game it is fun and educational at the same time with a hint of humor it is fun and should be recognized for who REALLY worked on it, not because there are more than 2 people in the team they should ll get recognized but only who really worked on it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fork over knives

I think that this movie is mostly about he the food that people eat and what it causes aswell how much fat, calories and more it has in those foods.I think that the title implies a lot to what the documentary is about because I believe that forks and knives is what we use when we eat which gave a lot of meaning to the topic of the movie.

The facts that people think that this generation kids will die way before their parents die is really scary, obesity and other diet related causes like diabetes is bad to have among kids because they are our future.A couple of doctors were researching the study of the foods people eat and found out that foods such as grains and vegetables were affecting us in a good way but people would not eat them.People on the philipines showed by the research of the doctors that worked over there that this generations kids of the philipines are more fatter and sicker and their parents are healthier because people from the past generation have eaten rice and vegetables wile this generation gave up that diet and hate animals based products causing illness and obesity, as well the people in Norway had a good diet when the British came because they were forced to eat grains but when the British left they didn't learn from that lesson and came back all of the heart attacks and more.


Hey Micheal I just wanted to tel you that I picked your game on one of my top 3 I believe that you are very talented and fortunate to have this special talent with the computer in flash our school is very fortunate to have a amazing student like you you are the type of person that will take us to exemplary level.Anyways your game was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot NICE WORK!!!!!!!

Hey Aleida its me Jennifer and I just wanted to tell you that I chose you as one of my top 3 games because I thought that your game was really fun and funny it really does give the players a fun and educational game to play.I really enjoy the way that you made the game educational and fun as well funny at the same time it was a total succes and hope the best for you in the globey's AWESOME JOB!!!!!!

Hey Dafne its me Jennifer and I just wanted to tell you that I picked your game as one of my top 3 because I thought that it was really creative and fun to play. Ii enjoyed especially because it has puppy's in it even though i didn't really understand the instruction nor the topic of your game it was fun and really creative NICE WORK!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My top 3 Choces

  1. Animal Shelter, Dafne and Gloria Team, Ms.Valdez
  2. Forest Rats, Green Bugs, Ms.Arcos
  3. Find your way, You're choice, Ms.Arcos

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Game

  • Team Awesome
  • The Animal Avengers
  • The game topic is mostly preventing the extinction of the Golden Cheeked Wabler to raise awareness for it in real life and save it in the game.
  • The learning goal of the game is to save the Golden Cheeked Wabler from being extinct in the game, the player will learn information about the Wabler things like were it came from and what we are doing creating a negative outcome on the bird and their habitat.
  • In the game I would like to add more animation and graphics to make the game more exiting as well more information about the bird for the player to see.
  • Probably putting the game together because if you made one simple mistake you would mess up the whole game and start all over so it was a very important part of the game.
  • I am really proud of making both of the levels mostly myself because it showed, well for me it showed that I took pride in my work.