Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas for me is a very fun and cool tradition.Who ever invented Christmas I thank.OK lets get started Christmas is very special month that most people celebrate .This day is also the day that Jesus was born which is special to some people.But the real reason I like or even love Christmas. Is because this holiday is the day in which all the family members travel all over the world just to have I nice feast with the whole family.Also they give gifts I think just for fun.Also people donate gifts to people that cannot afford to celebrate Christmas.O these people even celebrities donate gifts ,food,and money for these people to have a great Christmas and be happy this holiday and that is what I think about Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The torros

I thought that the TOROS game was spectacular . And the reason that I think it was cool is because I had never seen eny game in my hole life it was a asome experience the cheerleaders were cheering there pompon's off they were spectacular they had one cheer for each hoop that one of the TOROS scores and the crowd which was us went wild .I realy liked the game it was supper cool and I would like to go to another game like that again. Also this game lost so I was very disappointed. They were not to bad and not to good but it was enough to make me happy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yesterday two woman's that worked in the program global oria came to our school and talked to us about the program but most importantly the minny game project that we are planning to finish .This visit from them was inspiring because now I now that I can do this minny game project and not have eny excuses to say I can do it .So now I'm trying to work hard to be like them because they are working in global oria because they were in the program when they were our age and were very smart to get into this program. Not only was that because it was so cool for them to come but it was cool because we can tell that they really care about us they came from New York had to go on a plane to stay all night to set up everything to make a good impression and they did they also called people from New York to call us and give us a picture or idea to finish our minny game project. It was a cool experience.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For thanksgiving I cant wait to go home and celebrate the day that all the hate went away because all the people that heated each other came to a peace in a dinner picnic and the people that did the celebration called THANKSGIVING the day to give thanks. I celebrated with my mom and dad"s homemade lemonade,turkey,smash potatoes,stuffing and more .But the main thing for thanksgiving is being with my family and all the people that I love. I give thanks for the life that I have and to be alive.Im very thanful.We have to buy 3 turkeys because we have about 35 people in my family, but im happy that I haqve my family together forever

WWF - Giant Panda -

WWF - Giant Panda -

Endangered species

The species that I chose is the GIANT PANDA and the reason that I chose this animal is because this animal is in danger and it is very cute and cuddly and when you look at them and tell your self do I realy want to tear these animal heart by destroying there habitat and maybe even causing death to them and even there cubs .These animals are in danger and its our job the destroyers to help make them fell like they use to fell before humans came and ruined there life's.We have ruined there lives and you wont believe that 1.500 pandas don't mature get to the mature age or size to survive and . Also The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened animals. It is universally loved, and has a special significance for WWF as it has been the organization's logo since 1961, the year WWF was founded.These animals have giving us love and now its our turn to save this animals sweet cute and cuddly.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think that it is important to pay attention when the teacher is giving directions because that way you have more information about what your assignment is about .I also think that paying attention to the teacher is important because you can be more aware of what the situation is about.For example if there is a fire and we cant hear because the alarm is of that would be supper dangerous.Or a lock down that has been announced and this time if the real thing imagine what would happen.So I can think of a lot of ways that can be dangerous and just because we were naughty and were to loud to hear all of those announcements.It is most likely for someone in the situation that can cause a lot of trouble just for saying that word just one word can make a difference either a good difference or a bad difference .Its our choice if we really want to make the bad decision of not paying attention to all of our teachers ecpecially the bus driver because the bus driver could say to close the windows because hail was coming and it could hurt us.There is a lot of ways that bad things can happen if we dont pay attention,and this is my reason why it is inportant toto pay attention to the teachers.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Imagining your game

My topic name just has to be Saving our only rainforest and when I say that I mean that this raiforests is the only forest that 50% of the animal live in this forest which is called the AMAZON.

The game concept for my game is trying to save all the animals that live in the Amazon and by doing that I need to make my concept persuasive to tell the player what the consequences are if we don't take good care of our rainforest.

I really think that my game will tell most people to help our world to make it a better place for us and for the creatures that live in it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This are the most funnier pictures I have ever seen

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What I learned this week!!!!!!

This week I learned more information about the mini game project.We are sop post to be ready by this week to know how to make games.Well I learned mostly how to begin this project but I will need more information to actually know how to make this game really have details, special effects and more cool things to add to my mini game project.My teacher has showed us videos and wiki tips in our wiki which is where we are doing the mini game project and it is normally called Myglife.com.Also we have learned how to make our little guy moving but we are just playing with a carrot right now but we will go to more advance things later in the year. Also I have learned how to write even faster speed on my typing situation. I have also learned how to learn with no excuses.Well like I said MS.Miller is a asome teacher and Im looking foward to being whith here for the rest of the middle school year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Red ribbon week

For this Red Ribbon Week I just beryl figured out why we have red ribbon week and know that I know I'm inspired because the res a person named Enrique camarena nick name 'kiki' that died for the safety of all the adults or children that are tempted to try drugs.This man fought poverty and all the obstacle's that he had to over come to be someone that can make a difference in our world.Well this man fought drugs putting his life in a lot of danger dealing with drug attic's to the biggest clubs to the smallest ones .At first his mother told him that he wold never make a difference in the world but he said a speech that I will never forget he said''Even if I'm one person I can make a difference'' that was the speech that I will never forget and to go so far at his job its amazing and he had 3 children a wife and was Mexican.after he died he was kidnapped and tortured to death on his way to his family by 5 drug dealers.This man for me is a inspiration and now I believe in myself.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


For me this technology class is very fun and helps me get better at my computer hand writing and makes me feel good to know that I'm getting better at my computer skills. Also I don't have eny trouble on my work that I do in this class, I don't have eny problems on my work of course if I don't pay eny attention then I would need some help. The res is sometimes that I can get frustrated,and its when I don't pay attention and have to ask someone for help. Sometimes I get frustrated because the teacher talks to fast and when I'm doing something the class is in a norther step.But besides that I have a pretty good understanding of what I have to do and what work I need work on . The teacher could help me by slowing down when she is explaining us the instructions and helping me more on focusing on what I have to do andnot to blur out in my own little world,and to end my story Miss .Miller is a wonderful teacher and hope tobe with her till the end of the year.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


From all of the genres I choose my favorite of all 5 where the 2 most interesting for me where ADVENTURE and ACTION I choose those 2 because I love all things that are about action and adventure it remains me of exploration and adventure.I like to explore and these 2 genres are exactly what I'm all about. One of the games that have adventure is the very famous Mario games you can go to this page and find out what Mario games are all about. MARIO.theres flicks game information and some of the names of the games wich are Supper Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi bowsers inside story and much more!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video Game Genres

Game genres are based on what mostly what the game is about ,if there action or mysterious games those are what the genre of a game is. Also video game genres are used to categorized video games based on their game play interaction rather than visual or narrative differences.

1.Action street fighter is a good example of this genre its about street fighting one controlled by the computer.

2. Adventure Mario is a good example. To see his adventures click this mario link.

3. Action adventure shooter is a good example of this genre.

4.Life simulator frets of fire is a music game a great example of this genre.

5.strategy visual novel is a good example of this genre it shows static graphics and anime stile art.

Friday, October 2, 2009

These 6 weeks I learned how to put videos on my blog how to make blogs and more importantly how to work on the Internet and not share eny information that other people would want to have.For example videos without putting your name or b-day to have the video.I also learned how to make gadgets and games that you can put on your blog.Also now that I can writte all the time I can Im starting to writte faster.Theres contex menues and sometimes you have to double click and more.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Positive feedback

I liked this game because its funny and entertaining. Its funny for me because the res a guy that looks Italian of how he sings. I also like this game because the res a level in which you say if the singer should sing high or low.If you make him sing high the microphone will explode and hurt the singers ears and it will listen like a normal microphone when it sound high. also this game is called POSITIVE FEEDBACK because,a loud speaker uses positive feedback to increase the volume of sounds .Audio feedback the piercing squeals that occur when sound from the speaker enters the microphone is a positive loop that has become unstable.That was only 1 of the reasons that this game is called positive feedback. Also I think that it could have the names creators but Rather then that the game is cool .I would recommend this game to anybody,and I in the future will design a game like this really soon.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The super toaster

I like this game because the is a little tree that walks across a road ,I Think symbolising what is happening to the trees that get unlucky and get cut down or get pushed down. I also like this game because its all natural no electricity wires or cars and that's one of all of our social issues. It says to collect enough solar energy to save the world .As in try to use solar light instead of sending satellites to the moon .Collected solar energy and took it to a solar panel to uncharged and charge ageing . when I finished the game it says words that almost means to be continued. But the real reason I like this game is because it shows reasons to help prevent global warming and I'm one of those people that want to help heal the EARTH.I would give this game from a scale to 1-10 a 10 .Also wish to make a game like this 1 some day.Global Warming is very important to me. I like to try to save the earth from global warming and other polluting thins that may or might be a harm in the future.Better to prevent it than wait for later for it to do the harm

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jason Mraz Music makes feel good well besides my family.Also music helps you get better at a instrument that you might be playing.I sometimes loose my self and start singing. For me that's a way to relax. I like most of the songs that have passioned lyrics because it keeps me calm and happy when I harsh days, and always listen to it when I feel ,pressured . Its a great thing to do
when you want to kill time well for me its a great thing to do.

I like horses

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I think that paying attention in classes Is good because that way you can have a better idea of what you have to be doing . Also I think that its a good idea to take notes to have more information besides the information you already heard . Its always important to pay attention because you might not have a very good memory of what you need to do and because of that simple mistake you might get a bad grade. So that's why I always pay attention evendo if its not important.

Lady Bird Johnson

I had the best field trip this year because it was in Saturday and I usually stay home waiting on something to come to my head to do .But that wasn't the reason that I liked the field trip.I liked the field trip because I was sorounded with nature and that's the kind of life I would like to live each and everyday . I loved being there and hope to go there agien. It was the best field trip ever.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I like technology because Ive learned alto of knew words and made blogs I didn't even know that existed. I also like mi teacher because shes patient even do she has more other kids to help.Also I'm starting to like making new websites. Also hope to keep with my technology studies.

What I learned this week

I learned alto of new words and made blogs I love my tech class and hope to learn more over the year

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Globaloria class

I'm not really scared about anything in global, in fact I have allot of kind of games I would like to make. For example games that involve all the animal cruelty, and the world cruelty .How the games can help heal the earth and more other great game ideas .I love my global class and hope to get better at it over the year passes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ms perfict

Maura pore plays her violin like no other professional she gives you a warm feeling of how she plays she plays her violin like she sees a puppy on a store triying to buy it .Some day I would like to play the violin like her some day.