Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I made this Flash to show my school pride.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flash Reminders

#1 you have to remember to place all of your work in layers in which you have to put all of your work that you do in flash because if you don't and later on want to animate something you will not be able to.
#2 once you ave all of your layers so you wont have to many of so many different types you put them on folders so not all of your layers will be mixed up and you will have a better way of finding them.
#3 The most important when putting your layers on folders you have to name them because that way like I said you will know which folder is which and find them easily.
#4 You must assign your instance names to all of your symbols because you might know that your certain player is something detailed but flash doesn't so that is important.
#5 you have to UPLOAD all of your flash files on you flash drive or your outlook so that is something bad happens to your computer you know that everything is saved in your safe wiki or website page.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My gaming habits

Honestly I enjoy games such as Guitar Hero because they keep me active and very entertained even though it has some graphics that me parents don't like for me to be looking at,they let me have some of my freedom and my dad likes playing it sometimes so I guess I use that as an excuse.I probably started playing games when I was about 5 but I didn't do it constantly I had my limits and I still do know I cant play for more than an hour and I started playing on a old game my dad had when I was a young boy and gave it to me but know I am playing in a Play station, and yes I do believe that somebody can get addicted to playing games in fact there was a news report that a young 16 year old boy died for playing so many video games it was sad but true and if we don't have limits more cases of these will occur of not worse.

Monday, January 9, 2012


In globaloria I have learned a lot of new things not only did I learn how to work with a group and be patience with ideas but also share them which brought me to the game idea that me and my friend are working on.Well a very good teacher once told me that what ever you work on you will as well be told to do something else so might as well be experienced.Globaloria is a great way of experience involving any kind of technology and I feel very privileged to have this program.
Goals for new semester
#1 Pass all of my Test of great importance or not without excuse especially my STAAR's and move on to highschool.
#2 Be more positive and outgoing in life for a worthy future.
#3 Be a straight A student in all of my classes and stay that way.
#4 Be more appreciate in what I have in life because not all have my great priviledge.
#5 Be more confident in myself and my capabilities.
#6 Never give UP.
#7 Go over and beyond my expectations.
#8 Obstacles are not a excuse to give up.
#9 Dont let judgement get in my way of success.
#10 Make a better way of taking advantage of the open doors of opportunities and not let them go but be thankful for them.