Thursday, January 17, 2013

Present your hidden object

My game topic is helping the player understand what are the things that might make a driver crash or get in a accident the point is to help the player understand what are the things that endanger the pedestrians and the driver.The topic is a very interesting and I really did learn a lot of things of this topic like how in some places you cant wear lether shoes in public I researched a lot of things that I never knew before and am happy to know know because most of those things involve things that I might do in the future.Well as a researdhed I found a lot of more things that I didnt know that would distract a driver.The most useful ingredient to me would probably be the magnifyng glass because it helps the player find the hidden objects even though it was hard to make work.The thing that may be the most difficult would be the codes for the game because it takes time to make it perfect and make it work and ofcourse I had con rads help which helped me a lot.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

overcoming codes

Well honestly I needed a bit of help with the code but when I got advice from my con rad I got right on track and completed everything.Coding is not really hard you just need practice and just memorize the easy one like the stop code also the wiki has a lot to do in the process for example the wiki has a help button in which gives you all the help you could need and of not it has links and video that you can get videos from to help you.Coding is just something you have to get used to using and once you do practice more it has been a very amazing experience on how much I have advanced o one more thing coding also is very detailed you have something wrong it messes up the whole thing but the good thing is that flash is really cool it shows you were your mistakes are.Overall coding takes time and practice is always the best thing.