Monday, November 19, 2012

Add hidden objects

It was really easy I really enjoyed working with all the different tool and such.I believe that this is a great program that will help me in the future in many different ways.This was not the first time for me to work with flash so I somewhat know what to do it has not disappointed me at all what a great program.

Draw Background

It was actually really fun I enjoy working in Flash even though it is a challenge sometimes its worth it at the end.In the process some things did not work out like the tracing and the filling in with the color and some times its not working.The tracing and creativity that I put was really good, I was surprised that it came out so good I am really proud of my work it came out exactly as my paper prototype which was amazing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election day 2012

Yes my prediction was correct I kind of had second thoughts about who would win because at first the votes were mostly all for Romney but people started to vote for Obama and hope seeped into my heart I was really happy that Obama won but kind of suspicious of who will be our next president but now I am happy that he is our president and he will not make us regret the vote.In my opinion I think that the votes were good and well thought out thank you who ever voted for Obama very appreciated.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Paper Prototype 1

I learned a few things such as not getting to worked up on one detail that I cant get right or also not working on one part as mush sure making good work on it but not going to far making it to perfect.I guess that one thing that was hard drawing my hidden object game was actually drawing the objects like what they are supposed to look like because I am not a very good drawer and a easy thing was working with my partner organizing it they way that would satisfy both of us.I guess that I would like to add more levels well maybe one more and more details like really hidden objects.That would finish it just more things that would make the player interested in the game just by looking at the title page.