Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today out of all the science games that I have played I had to pick the one which I the student thought was the one who was cool and really maid you understand what the content was. And the game that I picked out of the 5 game sthat I picked was (The Climate Challenge: Our Choices ).This game was the one that I thought was the best of all the science game that I played not only did this game was cool but it also teaches you how much of this co2 our world can hold wich amazing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The things that I have accomplished and am proud of in this class are a lot of things.But the most important that I really want to talk about is game design.Well game design has helped me with all my technology things that I have problems with.For example I use to have problems to upload things onto my wiki but now I am even uploading not just normal flash files but graphics.And I am really happy and proud of my self.Now that I know almost everything about global oria my teacher said that I can use the skills that she taught me this school year and she said that I can use them whenever I want to have fun or just show how much things I have learned.I am really proud of my self and wish I keep up with my good work.I now that all my hard work will pay of and I am shure about that because technology is everywhere and it would be cool to know more technology than the other people around me.For me learning technology is a really cool experience and I think a privilege so I want to make good use of it and I want to keep learning as much ass my little brain can learn.