Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23 2010 Snow

Today February 23 2010 Austin had a enormous snow wonderland it was the best day ever I have never or have seen snow this big and white it was the best day ever we were all throwing snowballs everywhere it was falling fast and was hitting hard I have never seen this much snow since I was in Oklahoma where the snow is powerful there . But to see snow in Texas this is the best time I have ever had. Snow is the best thing about the cold weather and it did not rain in Xmas even that I really wanted it to snow and now my dream has come true snow on February. I will always remember this day the snowy day this beautiful day.Snow in East Austin College Prep on a school this place is lucky because now other place where I have been in school or at home or anywhere it has never snowed this much it is a miracle and I would love to repeat this day again.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last weeks progess

I have always been impressed of how much work my team has done or the people that Ms miller put me in . I have had alot of cool things with my team and they are really good friends .My team mates are (Miguel,Macy,Delaney,Daniel and Brianna)and me I have had alot of fun and I am hoping that I really get done alot of work and get really good friendship with them. I really have a cool experience with them and they are mostly doing the work now because remember I said that last time when I did the paper prototype I did it all on my own and now all the team members were helping on this and this time we got a better grade on it than the last time it was much easier to make things when you all work together. And I am really enjoying the team helping with the work it is a lot of work we do but we finish it all because we always work together.
We are unstable.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My team

The roll that I got when I got my team together I was really happy with it cause I new that these 2 things that were my jobs were really fun I had to find information in the computer and the speaker.I really liked these 2 things because I am really good at these kinds of jobs one reason because I like to type and I like to find information especially in the computer.The only things that I didn't like about the team is that I did not get much help from the team only one of the team members actually helped me she helped me by creating one of the papers in the paper prototype.I cant really say that they were helping me because some of them were writing but slow because they were to busy playing around. I had a greate time with them and I am lucky they are in my team and yes we did change and help a lot now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


In my opinion I think that it was a asome experience I had a lot of fun.I could make this with my group mates and they helped me a lot they helped me on the presentation and no errors on the prototype my group mates were Miguel ,Macey ,Brianna ,Daniel and Delaney they are the ones who gave me some ideas to make our paper prototype.I also liked doing this because you can make a example of what the game is going to be when you actually create the game just like a report you do a draft before you do the most important thing.

When I meat the people that I was working with I though that they would not help me with enithing and when mis. miller said for the whole school year was scared but I started knowing them more and more each day until we became friends and really started working on the work that we had to do nothing could stop us ever our name group is the computer jerks wich is mean but cool well thats what we though.And last I am really looking foward to be working with them they are fun and responsibel to be with .

*Objective =measurement

*Team name =computer jerks

*Social issue =air pollution

*Game title =pollution attack



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


*What are your thoughts about globaloria?
My thoughts for globaloria are very good because this program helps others to learn more things about computers its a great and fun way to learn how to work computers for me since I have started this program I have gotten better at things like typing creating hyper links and much more this program is asome and I learn a lot of new things everyday.
*Do you enjoy this class?
I do like this class because it is fun and you get to learn new things at the same time for example we have started to to make a game which is very fun because you get to add all your great ideas to the game and you make it all on your own and also look at the other students that have this program to and see how this can help us be experts on computer things .
*What have you learned about globaloria?
I have learned a lot of new and improved work for example that this middle school is the only middle school that has global oria so this is really a priviledge for us to be doing this program and lastits fun it helps you get smarter ans helpfulto others.
*Do you like to blog?
I love to blog for me its a fun way to express your fealings and your mind there is no bad fealing about doing this because you can feel free when you type in your blog with no one telling you what to do.
*What are you currently working on global oria?
We have been working on a game creating a game to be exact and it is really fun because you can put all your greate ideas on this game and have fun making it it is really fun and I really enjoy it.