Thursday, February 28, 2013

Game learning topic

Well my game will be very interesting the whole point of it is to help the kids learn how they can prevent a incident or help somebody.I chose this topic because I think that most of the population around me really enjoy adrenaline games especially driving or car games, what other better way to get information to kids or adults about safe driving than in a game its the perfect solution these games become a big hit.My game will have a lot of mechanics and graphics and such so that it will make the game more exciting it will have different facts popping out of random places and while your driving you can chose your speed but to high and you might get caught or 'speed run' which is the title of my game its just going tobe a really fun game that you won regret paying for.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imagine Team Gam

Who:Kids around 13 and up the skill ability is very simple you just have to get in a position that you can move your hand easily because its going to be a speeding game that will be safe at the same time the reason for that is because in my game there will be objects like peer pressure, loud radio and such there will also be things that will help you like a seat belt or liquid to clean your front glass just things like that.

My goal is that the player will learn things like how to prevent a accident to help somebody or themselves as well  learn how or what you can do to make your driving experience safer and happy its going to be a really fun game that will have may benefits toward the player and have fun at the same time.

My game will take place in a road as well different places like for example around a school and you can drive by a school and there will be a fact saying or doing something about statistics describing things about the school for example the driving limits around the school or how many accidents happen around a school.

The game will teach the player to learn about this topic because this game will have many graphics in which will make the player want to play and discover more in the game not bore it out and make the player got  to another game I will use fun things because I have seen that kids and human go for the fun stuff not knowing that it educates as well.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learn to design for mobile

For my game control if I were to fix it and make it better than in the mobile it would have buttons that you can click on for example like to jump or run and on the other side you would have the scrolling button in which would guide you to were ever you would have to go to win the game.In the console you would have all the power because it would be much easier to control in the buttons on the back you can push and things such as weapons would pop out for you to use it would be a really cool game in my opinion mostly action like shooting or killing things like dragons that interests me and I know that interest my peers to.The console game would have more control and you would be able to play better because you know were to push while on the touch its hard because you can get messed up while playing for the same reason that its touch and when your adrenaline is pumping you can click on something else then loose and make the game bad for you, its just something that is meant to be both separate and happy unless your really talented and you can modify it for it to look and play good.

Playstation 4

In my opinion the new PlayStation is a very amazing game console it seems like is used to help fill the gap that Sony lost in 2004 which was a total of 54 million dollars.The PlayStation is rumors to be shipped to japan by the end of 2013 in the holiday season.This will defenately surpass the gamer's experience.The system introduces a type of technology that is only used for technology of great importance.The game has a total of two chips one that holds the gigabytes which is 8 and the other saves or downloads while your playing.The PlayStation 4 has also created a technology to block second hand games, this technology is really cool even though I know that not to far there is going to be some kind of other technology that will make sonic invent something better.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black history Game Leroy Homer.

This is my game for Black history month the person I chose is Leroy Homer he was a 36 year old veteran who devoted his life to flying on September 9/11 he was chosen for this day only he crashed in thanksville instead of the white house taking 33 passengers life and leaving his wife and his month year old daughter.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Leroy homer

 LeRoy Wilton Homer, Jr. (August 27, 1965 – September 11, 2001) was the First Officer of United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked as part of the September 11 attacks in 2001, and crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing all 33 passengers and seven crew members. Homer grew up on Long Island in New York where he always dreamed of flying. As a child, he assembled model airplanes, collected aviation memorabilia and read books on aviation. He was 15 years old when he started flight instruction in a Cessna 152. Working part-time jobs after school to pay for flying lessons, he completed his first solo trip at the age of 16 and obtained his private pilot's certificate in 1983. Homer was graduated from Ss. Cyril and Methodius School in 1979 and St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School in 1983. On July 6, 1983, he entered the United States Air Force Academy as a member of the class of 1987. As an upperclassman, he was a member of Cadet Squadron 31. He graduated on May 27, 1987, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. After completing his USAF pilot training in 1988, he was assigned to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, flying a Lockheed.He was a 36 year old man whom sacrificed his life for the presidents and all of the people that was at the white house at the time, with him death was for 33 of the passengers plus the hijackers leaving behind his month old daughter.