Thursday, December 1, 2011

About my Topic

My topic is about both Cyberbullying and Bullying, I chose this topic because I think that this topic is very interesting to me and a serious issue in my community in which has to be prevented so it wont get out of hand,This issue interests me because I think that this issue is not very serious to the point that the computers have to be monitored so students will not be harassed anymore but a problem that can still be stopped and even someday hopefully prevented.I want people to learn that this issue is serious and it doesn't have to be to the point that parents dot want to get computers anymore worrying that their children might be the target to the next molester.There are millions of kinds in the Internet everyday and what are the chances that one of those might be targeted very scary but more than one even probably even two , this is a serious issue and I thought, what other better way than making a game in which can help and educate the reader in a way that when ever the player id faced in a situation like this they will know what to do.I believe anything is possible you just have to take the first steo and like the motivating quote says "It all starts with one".

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WHO are you designing your game for? (Include the player's age, abilities, and prior knowledge of your topic.
Well to be honest this game is not only for kids lets say 10 and up but also the adults this game is to educate the player when a situation like this happens.
WHAT will your game teach the player about your topic? (Be specific!)
My game will teach the player on how to act when situations like this happen, what they can do to prevent it or stop it before it gets out of hand of course still being fun for the player.
WHERE does your game happen?Describe the world you will design for your game.
My idea for this game is that it will take place in computer like if you were actually being bullied
which I think will not only educate the reader by making you use your prior knowledge but also make the player interested in a good way.
How will this setting add to the learning experience?
Well bullying and cyberbullying has been growing in communities all around and I think that giving the players this kind of information can help them when this kind of experience happens you know what to do.
HOW does your game world teach the player about your topic?What happens in the world that helps the player learn?
Well the player learns like I said learns on how to use tools to help you prevent bullying, cyberbullying like printing the webpage and report things like that that as well interesting the player in a educational way.
How does the player use what they learned to make something happen in the game?
well in the game there will be a person and your actions that will help you in the game to help you when you are being attacked on person on on line.
WHY is a game a better way of understanding your topic than a quiz?
Because when making a game you get to express your imagination and ideas that you have.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

March of the penguins

Emperor penguins of Antarctica The penguins in their journey have to overcome obstacles such as predators while hunting for their young and sometimes the predators catch them and not only did the predator take the moms life but also the chicks life also penguins have to overcome the freezing temperatures and rarely starvation since they can wait more than 3 months without eating. Well I guess that the only thing that challenges them has to be the freezing temperatures and the fact that the parents have to starve in some point to take care of the baby chick while the mom is out there in the ocean trying to get food for the chick.I can say that the adaptation that the penguins have to evolve in are needed for example they have to get their skin thick enough to support all of the freezing temperatures as well have to ability to swim to hunt or to go someplace else.
I would say that their is no sunlight in some places were the penguins go because the sun might be covered by big ice pieces of other things and the sun is needed there because the temperature there would be to cold for any of them to survive in.The climate change would impact the penguins in which the penguins meals can be killed if it gets to hot or the ice could get melted and they would be killed of exhaustion of swimming all the time as well even worse they would not be able to mate so they would be in the extinct list as well if it gets to cold the cant march because they would simply die of the freezing temperatures.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playing to learn

From the game reviews that I took I can say that all the games that were created were meant fully evolved to the idea that they should be the best that they can be and all that hard work did pay of because look at were these games are know, it is amazing and enjoyable to play theses games that were made with such an incredible potential.Well the features in the games were really impressive as well fun to play, all the features in the games were awesome even though they did need work such as graphic design and information on how to be playing the game but overall the features in the games were out of this world truly magical, and one of the features in the game is a feature in which you draw a line to get to the other side in the game Magic game.

*Is my game interesting to the 21st century children around the world?

*Is an Animal saving genre game a important social issue or not very taken care of?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing to learn Strategy

Strategy game for me are really fin they not only get me very interested but also tech me something knew every time I play, it is a great game genre for student that enjoy challenges and are interested on learning something knew.

The Game that taught me a new skill or subject:
I really enjoyed survivor it is fun and educational and it is also made from my school of our students.
The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue:
I really enjoyed playing the game Survivor it was fun and taught me a knew way of looking at recycling, what good comes out of it.
The game or games that I liked the best:
I enjoyed playing The Final countdown even though I did not understand what it was trying to tell me and I kept loosing every time I played I got the hang of it eventually and played successfully.
What happens in the game or games:
In the games you have to play with skills not advanced skills but skills such as patience and encouragement.
How you play the game or games:
You can play these games with no problem the are easy games you just have to believe that you can play and achieve.

Playing to learn, sport and racing

For me games that involve Sport and Racing games are really fun in these games even though you have to use skills to pass the games, well got to the next level you also have fun which I enjoy very much.

The Game that taught me a new skill or subject:
I really enjoyed the game Bullseye because it is not only fun but it exercises your skills which I think is really good and all games should have.
The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue:
The game Spent in my opinion taught me how to spend money well that's what I thought.
The game or games that I liked the best:
I really liked the game Bullseye because it took me to a next level of skills.
What happens in the game or games:
In the games you have to play with carefulness even though they are all racing games as well fun.
How you play the game or games:
You can play with skills over your mind you just have to pay attention to what you are doing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing to learn, Genre:Puzzles and Mazes

Puzzle and Maze game are really interesting games because for me give you a new skill of how to play educational games that what it teaches you someday might come in handy which is really important in these days because games like these can also exercise your mind as well you have fun with the games as well, and together can make a awesome game like these.

The Game that taught me a new skill or subject:

I really enjoyed The game Bubble Maze I really liked this game it taught me a new way of using my brain in which using it in a new critical thinking way.
The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue:
The game Elegental Elegance informed me with allot of science and I really needed that information.
The game or games I liked the best:
The game I liked best was Bubble Maze because I had to have a steady hand and allot of skills.
What happens in the game or games:
In the game Bubble Maze you have to try to get to the other side of the game to reach your goal but the bubble is very hard to control.
How you play the game or games:
With allot of skills and of course mental skills which is necessary to play these games.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing to learn, Genre:Adventure

Adventure games are the ones that I enjoy the most because not only do you have fun playing them but it gives your mind a jump start to keep playing like mystery games. I really enjoy adventure games they exercise my mind in a great way and keep me wanting to play over and over again.

The Game that taught me a new skill or subject:
I really liked the way Save the Animals was formed because it showed you things that affected animals in a negative way and how you saved them which I think should be done in a good way.
The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue:
The game as usual which Save the Animals teaches you how oil spills and such are affecting our world as well the animals that live throughout the world.
The game or games that I liked the best:
I really enjoyed Treadsylvania it was not only fun but it got me interested as well, it was a very fun, and educational game not the kind of education that we get know but it was enough to get me to play and learn something knew.
What happens in the game or games:
Well in the game Save the Animals you have to rescue all the animals that are in the path of pollution such as oil spills like on the game, and on the game Treadsylvania you have to play all around the are in the game and through out the game gives you clues in finding other discoveries that you can gain points or receive a reward that can benefit you in other levels in the game.
How you play the game or games:
On these game you have to play with patience, calmness and a lot of skills unless your board and dont want to play, but over all these games are awesome and my favorite genre of all game genres.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing to learn, Genre:Action

Game that taught me a new educational skill or gave information on a subject:
The game Survivor helped me in the way of discovering new skills because throughout the game you had to figure out how to get to the door without touching the guards and it honestly took me some time to figure out how to get to the other door so that was cool.

Game that taught me about a new or existing social issue:
The game survivor created by EACPA students ofcourse. (Action)
Game I liked best:
The Survivor
What happens in the game:
You have to get to the Exit Door without getting catched from the guards but there is a little glitch in the game you have to figure out the way to get to there but you cant get to the door that easy you cant get to the door without thinking on how to got pass the guards you have to find the way tot get to the door without touching the guards, so what I am triying to say is that you have to use critical thinking to get passed the guards.
How to play it:
You have to have a lot of skills eventhough it is a game created by kids and do not have a lot of experience with this kind of program.I realy enjoyed playing this game it is challenging but also it requires for you to use critical thinking in my opinion.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gamers Solve Scientific Problems 9/27/11

How did gamers use the computer game Foldit to solve the protein folding mystery?
Mostly they untangled the structure of protein that can be used to eliminate the AIDS virus in humans because of their structure of models they created.

Who can participate in this problem solving and be a player in Foldit?
Technically this project is for anyone, the person could be with no background of solving puzzles or even know about the science that scientist use these days.

What can critical thinking do for science?
Well in depends, what kind of critical thinking you are trying to reach.For example University of Washington solution has to be with people with a lot of critical thinking to make the project right.In my opinion it can also cure a virus or even create a new species with critical thinking anything is possible

If you could solve a mystery through gaming for any kind of disease or illness in the world, what would it be?
I would definitely cure any type of cancer, that is my goal. Cancer as effected a lot of families and in some point it came to my family and thank fully it was just beginning so we got to cure it in time.It is my goal to find a better way to cure cancer and even prevent it but it a ll starts with one which is me and I will keep moving forward slowly but shurly will achieve my goal.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mini Game 2011

In my free time it depends what I am doing for example if I am reading then I will keep reading until I get sleepy or if I am playing around or probably just watching TV I will get my computer and watch music videos of course appropriate videos and if I get bored which is always I will play like always educational games that will help me not make me do things that I didn't even know that I could do.In my free time I like to play educational but still fun games like I said, there is always something to do in my humble home if it is boring or fun at least your doing something, anyways I like to go to websites such as cool math and mush more and surprisingly they are really fun.I love playing games especially knowing that they are helping me in a whole lot of ways.

Friday, September 9, 2011

911 survivors 2011

This game is about the terrorist attack on September 11 2001 and killed to many people that in some point it was hard to count each victim.The way that I feel about the this topic is really hard to explain the attack from my point of view because I cant handle this kind of accident.Well the topic should not be shown because some people who experienced it might freak out as well to show respect to those that had a family member lost they might take it as a offence.Well instead of making the game tell facts and how many people died, I don't think that people should make games about his but explain what happened as a sign of respect.

Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Single Story 2011

" Danger of a single story"
Well in my to have a single story is for you to have a interesting story about something or someone then share it with a certain amount of people and spread the word about that topic.Its like a experience or a opinion that these certain people have to share.From my community I have heard a few things, but the most astonishing and shocking one is when someone said that "I don't think any student will graduate I mean look at where they are The East side"That did get me mad but mostly bummed out other students around this area but we as a school and family are working hard for that to not happen as often, eventually never happen again through this are.Well honestly I have heard only about how poverty has affected them in the way that they stop going to school not because they want to but because they have to.I learned that this in some point was a problem in my community to.The way that I could find out more about this community is probably by searching information about them, its hard to see but unfortunately the news finds their disadvantages fascinating and make news reports about their life and that could be a way that I could find out about them.If I were to create a game that involved problems about those communities and put videos of how their change made a huge difference in their lives and communities.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1 Cyberbully 2011

This is my first blog post of the 2011-2012 school year
A cyberbully is someone who threatens you as well bothers you in a physical or emotional way to either feel better about themselves or sadly enough was bullied when that person was younger and had no were else to turn to but violence.
In the begining of the school our glabaloria class and was able to learn about the importance and seriousness of bulliying aswell cyberbulliying.Overall the movie was mostly about a girl named Taylor her so called friends pushed her into getting in problems that involved impersonating,gossiping,threats and even harassments.Taylors friends told her about a website called clickster and she made a new friend only to find out that her best friend was inpersonating a boy on clickster named james, she teamed up with linzie one of te bullys in the school and spreead rumors aswell made a video that affected Taylor so badly that she tried to commit suicied.The nvestigation was on and somanthat the one who impersonated the boy on clickster her best friend confessed.Taylor went to therapy and she did not go to school for a week and went to school she decided to be friends with somantha but she knew it would never be the same.Aswell she stood up to linzie and at the end went woth scot her true love and schooled linzie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The name of our team is The changers and the name of our game is called Look up at the animals.Originally our game is about helping the animals in the wild by cleaning their habitat and placing them in a better home. To this day we have accomplished all the scenes that we wanted to do and now have a successful game everyone can play, in our team page overall it looks very coll it has a lot of detail and to me it shows a little of personality of all of us.In my opinion the only thing we have to complete since we have already finished with the game to find of a better way of making the game better and more exciting in the future.Like I said the only thing we all have to do is plan a better way of making the game better by creating or adding more to it.I would think that I deserve at least a 90% not because I am grading myself but because I think that I have done a really good job and now I will get better in the future starting now.Overall I think that I have learned how to be more responsible and confident of myself to never give up no matter how hard the work might seem because at the end you will never regret but be proud of what you have accomplished.The most important thing that I could think of in Globaloria to me would be the time and effort that our teachers give us, they never give up on you and to me that is very special.I would say that next year I would do much better because I now what to expect as well know how to accomplish it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jennifer.G #13 2011

In my opinion this website is really fun, it not only shows you allot of information about the topics that are affecting our communities the most but the are also adding most of the information into games of all ages. In the website I looked through the website and found a game called (Activate) and this game talked about or taught you on how what kind of people can enter and why to the united states.Well it teaches on the government and what kind of topics like I said the community means. I really like the way that the information you needed was in the games. I really enjoyed this game and verry happy of the way that the creatures of this game Incorporated the information that is important or the most common problem into our community into games that are fun of all ages.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jennifer.g.#11 2011

What Do You Think of the Nintendo 3DS? (Nintendo 3DS Launch)

Jennifer.g #10 2011

In my opinion this device is the most advanced technology although I am not surprised that these people would create a replica yet more advanced and expensive, the new(Nintendo3DS)I thought that people would get more money by lowering the prises, who would by a device like this for $249.99.When you actually think about how they are creating these devices its really quite suspicious because notice that every time another company like (Microsoft) makes a new creation they make one to its recently that (Microsoft) created the new (Ipad 2) and now the new DS I really would like one but still waiting because soon this will turn old and kids all over the world are going to want something new.This on is 3d and even has a memory card and who knows maybe in the future Nintendo will make voice activated DS and name it the best technology in history the world will not know until then.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jennifer.g.#9 2011

I believe that at the end of this year I will have created the most fun yet educational game in 7th grade history and when I do I will probably like to go on The Opra winffrey show.I f that were to happen I would be not only be recaonized but asweel represent my school because they were the ones who helped me and preassured me to never give up and always, no matter what achieve and work hard.I now that I am going to make a amazing game by the end of this school year because I have no exuse I have every tool to make a beautiful future and achive my goal an that's just what I will do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jennifer.g.#9 2011

In my opinion what these students are doing to help our community is wonderful, that's how we should all treat one echeoder and never turn our back on the ones who need help no matter what their past has effected you. Japan has suffered a very severe trallity and many thousands probably millions of people died including children. I know that in the future we will have people like this that will help and will not give up on what their goal is.Knowing that you have a helping hand near or far and that there is hope for these people its probably the best feeling in the world. Photographers have taken pictures of how much damage the tsunami has caused and by the looks of the remains I don't think we will get any good reports for now but still need hope.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jenifer.G. 2011 #8

I really like this new PSP NGP but I wasn't surprised that these technology would get even more advanced.Eventhouht I really think and would like to have this game console I know that at least the cost is 1,000 but in a few years the price will dramatically will go down and a new generation of technology will be created.In the future I really think that this company will create a Green PSP that will not only be save and recycled but probably the most advanced creation ever build.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jennifer.G 7 2011

What does "teamwork" mean to you?For me teamwork means working together as one as well sharing together creativity.

*1994 ballroom dancing was introduced to the 5th graders in 2 New york schools.
*Today 6,ooo children from around the world over 60 schools in Manhattan,Brooklyn to dance require a 10 week course.

How do you see these students trying to work together? Well in my opinion I think that they work togetherby combining their passion for dancing and try to reach their goal. As well learning new things by working together.

How important was teamwork for these students?Well in my opinion I think that teamwork for these students was very important because the had to work together to get their steps and routine right.

How will you work together with your teammates in this class?Well in this class you have to work together you like it or not because you have to share ideas to find your answer or a project like a computer game.

What do you think is the main message that these students should take away from this experience?Well that they should always work together and never give up no matter what kind of situation you are in.

One of the students was called Calvin and his dance instructor said that he was really close of being a street kid almost a criminal but he started to interact with the other dance instructor and the dance program started and that was one of his ways of bonding ans soon becoming a great gentlemen.

How will you work together as a team in your class globaloria?Well I could bond with students in my class that I really dont know a lot of and also to find answers to any problem or question I have aswell for them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jennifer.G.#6 2011

This whole week our globaloria class has been playing supposedly educational games.I have found and also played allot of games that I have liked and thought that were educational,but through my search I found a game called (Rubik's).I started to play this game and thought it was going to be like the other games just math but in turns out that this game had to be used by a person with a lot of patience and skill.I really liked this game.In my opinion I thought that this game had everything a game should have like a educational purpose and still have fun at the same time.I really liked this hgame and will find more game like this to play.I learned that cruelty can be stoped and animals will get killed but in a nice friendly way.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jennifer.g#5 2011

On the first game which is j-lo fur bully you have to try to save all the animals in supposely the factory before they get skinned to death to make fur axcesories,and on the second game which is super chick sisters you have to save the princess from the evil hads of ronald mcdonald.In my opinion I think that both of the games have the same issue of killing animals for a substance for humans.Well in both games I think that it teaches you in which supposely how you can stop animals cruelty and at the mean time have fun doing it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jennifer G.#4,2011

At the beginning of the movie Jimmy is walking through the highway heading to California.Jimmy he has a dramatization of building to express himself or get attention.In my opinion I think that Jimmy building things can relate to videos in game in which his imagination and creativity there is allot of buildings,walls and obstacles.I think that video games help calm jimmy in which he gets to express himself with nobody judging him.In my opinion I think Jimmy is a really good player because he likes to build things and be creative.In the movie the games that were being played are (Double dragon,Street fighters,Ninga turtles,Mega man,rampage,Mr.cause and Mario) and honestly I have never played games like this before.In the movie the game capsules that show up are a power glove and a old game Mario capsule.Honestly the power glove was my favorite its like the wii only in those times which is cool and for me cooler than any game I have ever played about cars.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jennifer.G.2 2011

I really like this game for me it is very interesting and I imagine it is very fun to play.Wen I read about this I thought it was going to be like a challenge or competition and of course I would be interested in entering because it was supposely art.But now that I saw the video I am really surprised that is kind of game existed with this kind of technology.I am really curios of playing this game especially now that I have seen how you play for me I take it as a kind of game with skills and I like these kinds of games because they are like mind swisters,I really would like to play this game and hopefully I would like to incoorporate this kind of technology into my future game to make it more interesting and fun.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JenniferG.#1 2011

Google science fair

Well in my opinion I think that this Science fair is the most remarkable thing that has happened .I mean for me it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone around the world to join together and share their personality.In thins contest I do see myself in the way that this science fair is challenging and a great way to show how good you are with science,what capabilities you have and what you can achieve.If I were to enter this contest I would probably keep focused in (Robotics).The reason I say that is because I really like destroying and putting things back together just like my dad.I think I got that from him but with a different personality.But no matter what I will try my best even though it might look like allot of work but when you get chosen and get on that stage the feeling will be amazing and all that work will be worth it.