Monday, January 24, 2011

Jennifer.G.2 2011

I really like this game for me it is very interesting and I imagine it is very fun to play.Wen I read about this I thought it was going to be like a challenge or competition and of course I would be interested in entering because it was supposely art.But now that I saw the video I am really surprised that is kind of game existed with this kind of technology.I am really curios of playing this game especially now that I have seen how you play for me I take it as a kind of game with skills and I like these kinds of games because they are like mind swisters,I really would like to play this game and hopefully I would like to incoorporate this kind of technology into my future game to make it more interesting and fun.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JenniferG.#1 2011

Google science fair

Well in my opinion I think that this Science fair is the most remarkable thing that has happened .I mean for me it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone around the world to join together and share their personality.In thins contest I do see myself in the way that this science fair is challenging and a great way to show how good you are with science,what capabilities you have and what you can achieve.If I were to enter this contest I would probably keep focused in (Robotics).The reason I say that is because I really like destroying and putting things back together just like my dad.I think I got that from him but with a different personality.But no matter what I will try my best even though it might look like allot of work but when you get chosen and get on that stage the feeling will be amazing and all that work will be worth it.