Monday, November 19, 2012

Add hidden objects

It was really easy I really enjoyed working with all the different tool and such.I believe that this is a great program that will help me in the future in many different ways.This was not the first time for me to work with flash so I somewhat know what to do it has not disappointed me at all what a great program.

Draw Background

It was actually really fun I enjoy working in Flash even though it is a challenge sometimes its worth it at the end.In the process some things did not work out like the tracing and the filling in with the color and some times its not working.The tracing and creativity that I put was really good, I was surprised that it came out so good I am really proud of my work it came out exactly as my paper prototype which was amazing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election day 2012

Yes my prediction was correct I kind of had second thoughts about who would win because at first the votes were mostly all for Romney but people started to vote for Obama and hope seeped into my heart I was really happy that Obama won but kind of suspicious of who will be our next president but now I am happy that he is our president and he will not make us regret the vote.In my opinion I think that the votes were good and well thought out thank you who ever voted for Obama very appreciated.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Paper Prototype 1

I learned a few things such as not getting to worked up on one detail that I cant get right or also not working on one part as mush sure making good work on it but not going to far making it to perfect.I guess that one thing that was hard drawing my hidden object game was actually drawing the objects like what they are supposed to look like because I am not a very good drawer and a easy thing was working with my partner organizing it they way that would satisfy both of us.I guess that I would like to add more levels well maybe one more and more details like really hidden objects.That would finish it just more things that would make the player interested in the game just by looking at the title page.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Honestly I don't know anybody that lives in the North East.In my opinion I should of thought of making a hidden object game with this topic because for example I could use this topic in the game I could make the players find things in their house all around and they would find things like water jugs,flashlights,gas and all of the other essentials that you would need to survive one these storms from category 1 all the way to 5 so in total I would have 5 levels and each one would depend on the level that the hurricane will be.10 things that I would find would be things like flashlight,can food,blankets,water jugs,dog food,portable gasoline,batteries,extra clothes,cleansing utensils,and of course yourself and your family it would be something I would have to experience but hopefully I don't.Overall I would make my player learn how to act and what to pack in a deadly situation like a type 5 hurricane storm.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Choosing a Learning Topic 1-5

My big subject area is "The safety of driving", for example teen driving and the iresponsibility of how they are driving.One really important thing that I learned about this topic is how dangerouse it can be to drive with no responsibility.This topic is asighned to not only teens but also adults whom dont think about the possibilities of killing themselves or even worse killing somebody else.It has gotten to the point in which every commercial on TV and radio are about the safety of driving.People should learn how dangerouse it is to drive ignorantely research said that of you get distracted in less than 5 seconds you could not only crash but most lykely kill somebody innocent.Dont go Bye bye would be a good name for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Game vision

I am very excited to do this game eventhough its going to be a challenge with the codes and such but it will be woth it.My vision for this game will include som hidden objects that all of sudden will pop out know where making the player panic or if the driver was a responsible driver then nothing would happen and the player would pass to the next level.If you are a inresponsible driver then you pass to the next level not hurting anbody or yourself.Anyways the whole point of this game, my goal overall will be to make it fun and educational to players from 11 and up.It will include hopefuly everything I have learned through out this time, time will tell but my vision will stay firm on making a amazing game.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Malala Youzafsi

Malala Youzafi is a 14 year old activist in which is fighting for her education  rights to go to school Junuary 24 was the last day that the girsl in pakistan was able to got to school. She has not given up she says that "wherever I am I will fight for my education".Malala lives in Pakistan everyday she is threated to be killed if they see her at school her and other young girls that are happy for theire future but theyre dreames are distroyed by these peoples."Taliban"as they are called are the reasn why so many woman and girls live in fear, Malala moved in with her aunt and aswell got the opportunity now since 2008 she has been writting in a blog that she has created to tell the world what is happening in Pakistan what situation she is in right know and now because of her speeches she was shot sadly now she is in critical condition and people hope for the best there was a bullet beside her spine and neck may the odds be with her.For a month or so sheha dn her dad went to their swat and both said how lonely it was how sad it looked they explained how sad and lonely their wat looked that they have never seen their swat so empty.When Malala went home she wasm ost excited on finding her books to study.Her books and so are really importatn to her it simbolizez how hard and badly she wants to study and be somebody of great importance.Malalas school re opened on July 13th but 200 other schools remained closed.Malala now has given up the dream of becoming a doctor now she wants to be a polititian for her country pakistan she wants to be a voice to all who need in Pakistan.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

vote poster

Hidden object game

In my opinion I think that using this topic for my game would be a good idea because it would tie all of my ideas in one.The topic that I used was finding hidden objects in this topic I would like to make the player have a educational mind workout.In my game I would have the payer drive and in the way he would find the distractions in the bushes then he would have to figure out and be smart when driving so that he wont get distracted and crash with something killing something, somebody or someone else that is innocent Ii believe that its a good topic.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Presidental Debate

In my opinion I didnt think that there was any winners they both had good topics but none to make the other debater look bad and many times Obama looked down because some of the points that Romney said were true and obama did not stricke back well sometimes like I said in my opinion I dont think anybody won.Some of the issues that were brought up Healthcare,Student education,Immigration and Taxes.I understood everything and what confused me was the fact that the fact that the saying kept going to Romney probably because Obama talked to much.In my opinion I dont think that anybody won they both had good points but none to hit back.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Join my community

Danger of a single story
For me to have a single story is for you to have a  important topic that you have been hiding for years waiting for the right moment to let it out and be heard and let everyone hear and have a opinion on your case it can create the new future and not only benefit you but benefit the future residence and generation of kids you should have tolerance of what is correct.There is a single story in my community that has been rumored every day and so far the people I have meet is that Colored people don't belong in our community that they were to laud full of drama looking for nothing but trouble.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dont take it so literaly

  • Name of the game: Be kind to Animals
  • What were you looking for? In the game your mainly looking for facts and ideas by clicking on different objects around the house and by clicking them it gives you ideas for a way of raising money and helping the not only the animals but the environment.
  • Was the game fun to play? Explain why.Yes the game was very fun to play because it was like a adventure you have to go around the house to find different ways to help yourself the community the environment and animals in need. 
  • How does the designer reward you and keep you playing? Well the best way that it can in my opinion it gives you ideas to help in any kind of problem you can have with animals with economics and the enviorment.
  • What does this game teach you? This game teaches me skills when it comes to saving a animals life or making the environment better.
  • How does it use hidden objects to teach you? In every object you choose fro example your closet it tells you not to use fur or skin its not fair to those animals they don't have a voice.
  • What age group would find this educational? In my opinion I think that the age group should be 10 to 15.
  • How would you make this game better? I would probably add more clues around the house and more pictures just because I am a visual person as well some kind of sound would help.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Year

My school year so far has been full of chaos.The first day all of my classes were all messed up.I was mixed with students of other grades but eventually made the day worth a while when finding out that all of my close friends were still in the school.My classes are great I love them they are all Pre AP which is amazing and I really appreciate because that makes me believe that I can achieve more than what is expected from me which as well makes my parents proud something which I dream of doing everyday.
This year just like last year I have joined Orquestra  and am happy to hear that we are going to compete with other Orquestra's to see which one is better we might even win scholarships in the making.I am so excited for this year so far I being convinced in joining Volleyball and am thinking about it any ways I really hope for the best this year and that  obstacles don't stop me from achieving anything.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Game article

I think that the article was very informative it gave specific details about the people that one it gave them special recognition exactly what they deserve. It does make me feel regretful because I didn't win anything but also proud about what our students here can do.My game wasn't featured but if was to be there it would be very amazing yes im regretful that I didn't do better.I would of liked the author to have said that my game was amazing and that this school is proud of having students like us. Aleida sanchez game was a really awesome game it is fun and educational at the same time with a hint of humor it is fun and should be recognized for who REALLY worked on it, not because there are more than 2 people in the team they should ll get recognized but only who really worked on it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fork over knives

I think that this movie is mostly about he the food that people eat and what it causes aswell how much fat, calories and more it has in those foods.I think that the title implies a lot to what the documentary is about because I believe that forks and knives is what we use when we eat which gave a lot of meaning to the topic of the movie.

The facts that people think that this generation kids will die way before their parents die is really scary, obesity and other diet related causes like diabetes is bad to have among kids because they are our future.A couple of doctors were researching the study of the foods people eat and found out that foods such as grains and vegetables were affecting us in a good way but people would not eat them.People on the philipines showed by the research of the doctors that worked over there that this generations kids of the philipines are more fatter and sicker and their parents are healthier because people from the past generation have eaten rice and vegetables wile this generation gave up that diet and hate animals based products causing illness and obesity, as well the people in Norway had a good diet when the British came because they were forced to eat grains but when the British left they didn't learn from that lesson and came back all of the heart attacks and more.


Hey Micheal I just wanted to tel you that I picked your game on one of my top 3 I believe that you are very talented and fortunate to have this special talent with the computer in flash our school is very fortunate to have a amazing student like you you are the type of person that will take us to exemplary level.Anyways your game was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot NICE WORK!!!!!!!

Hey Aleida its me Jennifer and I just wanted to tell you that I chose you as one of my top 3 games because I thought that your game was really fun and funny it really does give the players a fun and educational game to play.I really enjoy the way that you made the game educational and fun as well funny at the same time it was a total succes and hope the best for you in the globey's AWESOME JOB!!!!!!

Hey Dafne its me Jennifer and I just wanted to tell you that I picked your game as one of my top 3 because I thought that it was really creative and fun to play. Ii enjoyed especially because it has puppy's in it even though i didn't really understand the instruction nor the topic of your game it was fun and really creative NICE WORK!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My top 3 Choces

  1. Animal Shelter, Dafne and Gloria Team, Ms.Valdez
  2. Forest Rats, Green Bugs, Ms.Arcos
  3. Find your way, You're choice, Ms.Arcos

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Game

  • Team Awesome
  • The Animal Avengers
  • The game topic is mostly preventing the extinction of the Golden Cheeked Wabler to raise awareness for it in real life and save it in the game.
  • The learning goal of the game is to save the Golden Cheeked Wabler from being extinct in the game, the player will learn information about the Wabler things like were it came from and what we are doing creating a negative outcome on the bird and their habitat.
  • In the game I would like to add more animation and graphics to make the game more exiting as well more information about the bird for the player to see.
  • Probably putting the game together because if you made one simple mistake you would mess up the whole game and start all over so it was a very important part of the game.
  • I am really proud of making both of the levels mostly myself because it showed, well for me it showed that I took pride in my work.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Respect for me is being caring,trustworthy,responsible,being fair and lastly being a citizen to others all of these words describe respect and one of the ways that you can show it is by treating others like you would like to be treated especially when you are dealing with adults.In your classrooms you can show respect by being kind to your classmates and your teacher by helping them in in the work or giving them advice on how to do it.In the hallways you can show respect by not loitering by creating a big fight over something useless just to get attention or litering remember its your school and you have other students that share it as well there is younger students that take you as a role model so if you do something bad believe it or not they will follow.In the computer lab you should be very careful on how you show respect you should always be respectful to the teacher because if you don't you might become careless and create a big accident that can cost you.During lunch you should have respect to the lunch ladies because they are the ones whom create the lunch and serve us and if it weren't for them we would not have lunch as well you have to say thank you give some kind of gratitude.When we have visitors it is most necessary that you show respect to the visitors and the people around you that way the visitors will know what kind of school we are and what we are capable of with this attitude and those visitors might be money downer's so we have to be careful on how we act and to whom we act towards.Out of campus and on other places we should be respectful to the surroundings because if we do that people will recognize what kind of students we are.Overall respect is a important thins and something you will need to use for the rest of your school years if you want to succeed and have bright future.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes 2/23/12

Today you have to finish
*Team intro
*Game play
We have to finish that so that we can put the Game pitch together and get the first part of our game completed.But before you can do that you have to do a few steps what I mean is that you have to not only make the game pitch one but they have to have specific details for example make the game pitch work together by making the scenes change at your command once you have that you upload them to your outlook so that you can put your part and your partners part together and then you will have a very good first part of your game.

Friday, February 10, 2012


In my opinion I think that this coach did the right thing on researching NIKE and figuring out what the company is actually hiding on their success.The conditions that these people give the workers not only are not fair but inhumane.The kids need to go to school there because if they don't which they don't get a choice they end up working in the NIKE factory.Outside the factory's all of the scraps that are left and burned outside the factory's and while they are being burned the children in Indonesia breath in that infected rubber air get into the lungs of the children there getting the chest pains and cancer and the ones whom wile most likely die in less than a few years. This issue is inhuman and if it was up to me I would call it slavery its just a unbearable image to see and it has to be stopped Ii just think this is kind if dumb because NIKE is sold in america but created in other places the workers should have more than what Tiger Woods is being paid because they are the ones whom create them.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Object in the sky

I created this in FLASH!!!!!!!!
How could you take this real-life event and turn this into a game.
Well I would make a game that would involve the study of Geology and the player would have to take it to the lab and study the object and of you get the answer correct on what you think it is based on the information that was given to you, you get tot go to the next level.
What genre would you focus on?
I would say that the genre would be Science involving the study of Rocks or outer space objects.
What skill or topic would your game teach?
How to deal with this situation when faced or when a friend has this situation.
What would the player have to do in the game?
Well the player would have to find the object and take it to the NASA space center and but they would have obstacles to come.
What would the hero of your game look like? The enemy?
Well it would be like a alien because that would be the most interesting creature that kids are into these times.
What type of animations or sounds would the player see and hear?
The animations would be the player receiving facts and important information and that person will have to use that information to guess the answer correctly and move on to the next level but you will have to be careful because there will be a bad guy who will try and steal this object from you.
What would be the title of your game
I would probably name it something interesting that would not only get the player into the game and exited to keep playing the game and want to play more like all of those professional games.I would name it something like G-Trivia.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I made this Flash to show my school pride.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flash Reminders

#1 you have to remember to place all of your work in layers in which you have to put all of your work that you do in flash because if you don't and later on want to animate something you will not be able to.
#2 once you ave all of your layers so you wont have to many of so many different types you put them on folders so not all of your layers will be mixed up and you will have a better way of finding them.
#3 The most important when putting your layers on folders you have to name them because that way like I said you will know which folder is which and find them easily.
#4 You must assign your instance names to all of your symbols because you might know that your certain player is something detailed but flash doesn't so that is important.
#5 you have to UPLOAD all of your flash files on you flash drive or your outlook so that is something bad happens to your computer you know that everything is saved in your safe wiki or website page.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My gaming habits

Honestly I enjoy games such as Guitar Hero because they keep me active and very entertained even though it has some graphics that me parents don't like for me to be looking at,they let me have some of my freedom and my dad likes playing it sometimes so I guess I use that as an excuse.I probably started playing games when I was about 5 but I didn't do it constantly I had my limits and I still do know I cant play for more than an hour and I started playing on a old game my dad had when I was a young boy and gave it to me but know I am playing in a Play station, and yes I do believe that somebody can get addicted to playing games in fact there was a news report that a young 16 year old boy died for playing so many video games it was sad but true and if we don't have limits more cases of these will occur of not worse.

Monday, January 9, 2012


In globaloria I have learned a lot of new things not only did I learn how to work with a group and be patience with ideas but also share them which brought me to the game idea that me and my friend are working on.Well a very good teacher once told me that what ever you work on you will as well be told to do something else so might as well be experienced.Globaloria is a great way of experience involving any kind of technology and I feel very privileged to have this program.
Goals for new semester
#1 Pass all of my Test of great importance or not without excuse especially my STAAR's and move on to highschool.
#2 Be more positive and outgoing in life for a worthy future.
#3 Be a straight A student in all of my classes and stay that way.
#4 Be more appreciate in what I have in life because not all have my great priviledge.
#5 Be more confident in myself and my capabilities.
#6 Never give UP.
#7 Go over and beyond my expectations.
#8 Obstacles are not a excuse to give up.
#9 Dont let judgement get in my way of success.
#10 Make a better way of taking advantage of the open doors of opportunities and not let them go but be thankful for them.