Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Mickey

New generation

Epic Mickey appears to be the most boring game in the world because it only seems that he is painting but it becomes more than that when you really get into the game you figure out that when you finish th game you become a epic hero.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jennifer.G. #13 2010



Over 70 percent of earths surface is covered of water and the pacific is only have of it.Plankton levels have dropped over 20 percent and unravel the food web because almost all organisms rely on plankton.And now the plankton are back so global warming was not the cause of their loss but the water temperature.The ocean shifts every 3 years.Other animals like crabs that live in ti pools were tested and figured out that 2 degrees warmer than what they experience in the ti pools and its heart stop beating.The earths climate effects everyone it is like one big link.Like people suffering with as ma and accumulating over the years sea fans are also being wiped out with other strange deceases and research supposedly sais that all those deceases are being caused because of dust that are being spread all over the world affecting the sea fans to.The Indian ocean is one of the reasons dust gets in the air it starts by the wave that the Indian ocean gives out and that causes were the dust goes and ends up in the Caribbean.


Predators everything ties up to them the disappearing of trees or even the oceans bleached coral reefs.In Venezuela is one of the places in which most animals are flooded by the water that the Venezuela dam is holding and most animals get lucky and get discovered and taken to a safer place to live.Lake Guri in Venezuela before the dam it was beautiful there lived the powerful predators and it was all green and now Guri is strangely broken silent and desolated.In Lake Guri animals like iguanas,howler monkeys and ants compete for food ans shelter because it is such a small place.Most animals are moving from North America to our world and spreading deceases like lime and rabies because we are taking to much of their territory and now we are taking the effect.In Yellowstone National park Canadian wolfs were replaced because the real wolfs were hunted and kill because they were called has a killing machine.Those real wolfs were extinct and was discovered that they were the reason the normal trees flourished.Now Yellow National Park has the food that the creatures needed to survive and it is affecting the plants there in a positive way.In Jamaica in the last 40 50 they have lost 90 percent of the big predatory fish.Fish is the most important life in the ocean with out them the coral reefs will be soon be covered of algae and will die.In St.Luisa he coral reefs are in much better shape but are paying the consequences because it is hard to find big fish.Now there has been a reserved part of the water and it has payed of there has been really satisfactory results.Years ago people asked can we live with them and now we ask can we live without them.


Ocean troubles there is at least 20 species that are in trouble of getting extinct like the Leopard frog.Atropine is one thing that scientist think hat is causing deformities on frogs and other creatures.And people were right frogs from clear ponds come healthy but frogs near the corn plantations have deformities.People do not believe that this chemical is harming animals but it is and this water is the water that we drink.In St.Lawrence Marine Park Belugas live.The whales are known as the canariuos of the sea because of thier songs.Dozens of belugas are so much infected of man made chemicals that they are consider has waste.Mercury is a parasite that has taken over waters everiwere and contaminating fish and their waters and people are trying to prevent of that to acees the water that we drink and plants are the answere.There are so many plants that eat up tixis like the clover it can survive in motor oil.In the past decade scientist have figured out that sharkswhales and dolphins have been infected with chemicals.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jennifer.G #13 2010

I really did not no how our actions are affecting our earth in a negative way like a frog being male and female at the same time.
Starting the 28 century to the 21 first a new invasion has taking over and destroying everything in its pass
with the increase of global transportation more diseases spread out and catastrophic events might occur
insects like termites are one of the causes of destruction even though they are small in a group they are one big disaster
these creatures find new ways of rebounding and a lot of new places to destroy
new Orland's is one of the greates infected place by termites and they are everywhere


Uganda(lake Victoria) sufferers of mainly neon crocodile attacks but diseases like malaria.
It is a extremely impact and cause when you introduce another kind of life to another that has already been there because you don't know how that new life will react to the adaptation with the new life.for example in Hawaii there are so many things that are not from Hawaii but some were else and one of those things is the maconia plant that the hospitals use as a decoration but got spread out and now it is a great negative impact in Hawaii.This plant has taken over everything it covers the sun to the real Hawaiian plants and strangle others for it to have more space.


99 percent of the creatures of San Francisco bay are mostly from some place else.some predicted that about 2/3 of the creatures around the world may become extinct.Before humans creatures would take years to move to another place and adapted there but when we came along now all animals have more atvantage to move to tother places.


In 2001 scientist discovered that in the last century the earths temperature increased 1 degree.The decrees is not only affecting animals but also creatures that use to be millions of caribou migrating but now only a few thousands live.Mosquito's is one of the reason the Caribou are leaving they can suck up more than 1 table spoon a day.For caribou when more precipitation happens the only food that they eat gets deeper and the snow makes them venerable for predators like wolfs.