Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working with flash

When I started to program flash I got frustrated because some of the things that we were learning I did not understand the video or my teacher was going to fast and I got frustrated because I want to get the projects that I do right not wrong. And one of the things was the codes and were we needed to go paste it on our wiki .

When I started to work with flash the hardest thing was to keep up. I now that My teacher needs to go fast because of the time and because some students have already ahead of everybody else and they need the other instructions to keep going.But I would really appreciate if our teacher could go just a little more slower and that way she would not have eny problems with who is ahead and who is still not finished with the first step.

When it comes to coding I think it is important because that way when you want to upload something the code will be there when you need it and not have to go were you had problems going to . I also think that it is good to have your codes because when you want or need to paste something when you put the codes in there your work would be perfect for you.

Now that I am going to have more experience with all the uploads and all that stuff about flash I think that I will become a flash expert will more practice when it comes to listening and keeping up.

When there is distraction in the class I do get distracted because my teacher has to be telling them to sit down and everyone starts screaming and running everywhere and that distracts me a lot sometimes.I would like for my teacher for punishment for getting 3 warnings and still doing the same thing they should get detention like always.

I think that when we watch a tutorial video it helps me a little because we have to pause it to understand what the speaker is saying and I have problems listening to my teacher sometimes so it is even harder to listen to a tutorial. For me I think it is easier to let my teacher teach the lesson instead of listening it of the tutorial.

In the future I now that this will help me and I will always create new things with flash so I wont forget how wonderful and not hard flash is. I am also planning to make a tutorial video for kids that were my age now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shannon sulllivan

Yesterday we go a visit from Ms. Shannon Sullivan. She is one of the people that work on the global oria team. She came to show us new skills to do on our wiki page and I had allot of fun .One of the things that she showed us was to upload our flash drawings to our wiki. There were allot of steps that you had to do before you could upload them but it was easier than I thought .
I thought that It would have to take about 2 days to finish because some people would not understand.She was going to teach us how to make a link but we ran out of time but we did learn it just with Ms.miller. It was a asome experience to work with the people who provided besides the school the global oria program.She was very patient with us and was very nice. I liked how she was explaining and enjoyed her visit and hope she comes back some other day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Drawing in flash

The first time that I started to use flash and draw in it I felt really good because I new that I was going to achieve something new . I started to use skills that I have never used before for example I started to use flash to make circles,stars,polygons and more other things that I have never heard of or even seen until this day which is six grade.Since I have started on this drawing in flash assignment I have had alot of fun doing this because you get to do sometimes your own things like we had to draw our own little house .We could decorated hpw ever we wnt it was the funnest time that I HAD IN TECHNOLOGY. I have had more times in wich we had to use flash in our game that we are doing about our drug topic.Our drug topic air cuality or pollution in our air.We have been getting and brain storming ideas to get our own thing and finish it all ready.we already finished our flash drawings and upload them to our wiki. I am very happy that I achieved this and hope to be drawing in flash agien.