Monday, May 23, 2011

The name of our team is The changers and the name of our game is called Look up at the animals.Originally our game is about helping the animals in the wild by cleaning their habitat and placing them in a better home. To this day we have accomplished all the scenes that we wanted to do and now have a successful game everyone can play, in our team page overall it looks very coll it has a lot of detail and to me it shows a little of personality of all of us.In my opinion the only thing we have to complete since we have already finished with the game to find of a better way of making the game better and more exciting in the future.Like I said the only thing we all have to do is plan a better way of making the game better by creating or adding more to it.I would think that I deserve at least a 90% not because I am grading myself but because I think that I have done a really good job and now I will get better in the future starting now.Overall I think that I have learned how to be more responsible and confident of myself to never give up no matter how hard the work might seem because at the end you will never regret but be proud of what you have accomplished.The most important thing that I could think of in Globaloria to me would be the time and effort that our teachers give us, they never give up on you and to me that is very special.I would say that next year I would do much better because I now what to expect as well know how to accomplish it.