Thursday, December 1, 2011

About my Topic

My topic is about both Cyberbullying and Bullying, I chose this topic because I think that this topic is very interesting to me and a serious issue in my community in which has to be prevented so it wont get out of hand,This issue interests me because I think that this issue is not very serious to the point that the computers have to be monitored so students will not be harassed anymore but a problem that can still be stopped and even someday hopefully prevented.I want people to learn that this issue is serious and it doesn't have to be to the point that parents dot want to get computers anymore worrying that their children might be the target to the next molester.There are millions of kinds in the Internet everyday and what are the chances that one of those might be targeted very scary but more than one even probably even two , this is a serious issue and I thought, what other better way than making a game in which can help and educate the reader in a way that when ever the player id faced in a situation like this they will know what to do.I believe anything is possible you just have to take the first steo and like the motivating quote says "It all starts with one".