Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learn to Design for Mobile

Both designs consuls and mobile have their own way and are different both beneficial.For example the mobile game has things like its more portable and you can use censors to move you character around.While on the consul you have more control over the character. Both have their own ways of being original and are unique in their own way.There is also games that you can have for both of the devices like RayMan this came was originally on a consul and was put on mobile, it really should stay on consul fro the same reason that its a fast pace game.Overall both devices can give you great pleasure, you just have to chose which makes you more conformable.


  1. I agree with you...I think that RayMan or anyy console game should stay that way because they were made for consoles. Yeah, it appears that with a console game, you have more control over the character. Although, which one do you prefer?

  2. Hello Jenn.

    Yes, console games as well as mobile both need to be different because then you won't enjoy them. I thank you for your specifications with the differences and similarities. Very descriptive, good job.

    - Skar

  3. I agree with you.. you have a nice way of thinking . Not only RayMan but any other consul had to stay the way they were suppose to be.