Friday, May 2, 2014

Video Vlog

My game is mainly about the Mongols.Since the first day we learned about them in class I immediately was intrigued.The fact that they travel all the times considered as Mongols is really fascinating to me, the traveling people never seem to disappoint me.Not only that but The Mongols specifically this tribe in which a very special son was involved named Temudjin or Genghis Khan, well he went across the dessert to choose his beloved future wife.The player will learn a little about the history of Temudjin and what he had to go through to find his wife and avenge his dad.

As for my research I looked through many of the websites that the wonderful internet let me see, and I also used my recent knowledge about the topic that I learned in class which is the main reason why I wanted to do the topic, I guess my teacher made is seem really interesting.His quest to find his kiddnaped wife and even the clan that killed his father infront of his eyes was really interesting.So why not let it be a game.

In reality my ideas stayed the same.My mind was set on one thing and one thing only, research more about the mongols and even more about Temudjin.Then create a game that everyone will enjoy.But there is one glitch I still have to add my facts other than that im done.
All game ingredients that I have added have been helpfull to me from the Parralex scrolling to the Mouse its all been a challenge especially the coding but totally worth it.
Like I said the most challenging part has to be the coding and placing the codes on the right place I ALWAYS seem to manage to put the code on the wrong place so that was frustrating.But overall the outcome was to my expectations.

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