Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make Paper Prototype

Over all my Paper Prototype is being created in a Rural area.There will be a water fall leading to the lake on the left of my terrain.On the left there will be a somewhat forest and pine trees to be exact and in front the house in which later if you get and crop all of your seeds in time you will be able to eat them there.On the right bottom the garden will be located thats were you have to take all of the seeds in the right amount of time since you are timed.In the last part you have this Super Grow liquid that you can get only when you collect all of the items then you go to your garden and the plants will grow insatantly.After that you can go to your house and you can eat them winning the game.But like I said I still have glitvhes to work on.

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  1. Hello Jennifer

    I enjoyed reading your blog because you were very descriptive which helped me imagine the actual game. It's nice how you have them eat their food after they've worked for it. It teaches the player a valuable lesson. Awesome!

    Sincerely, Skar