Monday, November 18, 2013

Build Scene

Building my 3D scene was a really different experience for me, based on my 2D paper prototype the way that it ended up was really amazing I couldn't even believe that I had created that.The terrain that I created looking back at it I thought things like this took years of skills to master.It was a big accomplishment as simple as just creating the terrain like I said it was a big deal for me I am quit pleased and proud of my work.I think that the challenges in making my terrain was getting everything in place, what I mean is when I created my house I make it but had to move it because it was laying just under the terrain.In conclusion Ii think that Unity is an amazing program in which I only have to get use to with working with all of the tools and once I somewhat master that I know my game will be a really satisfactory,fun game.

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  1. Hey Jenn!

    Great job on your blog, you did great describing your scenery because I had an easy time imagining what you wanted your scene to look like. I definitely agree with you on how it's hard to believe that you actually created that on Unity because you never thought of doing something like that. I am proud of you, great job! Keep up the good work.